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Fedora Websites

以下域名由 Fedora 社区管理。如果您想查询您所在地区的 Fedora 社区站点,建议访问 Fedora International

站点名称 源地址 备注 项目主页 默认首页 Mediawiki
* Web page and file drop space for people in the Fedora community. (Infrastructure Team) Planet Fedora is a aggregation of blogs from world wide Fedora contributors. ??? Project web site for the Fedora Directory Server. Project web site for the Fedora Documentation Project . Infrastructure Team Various projects hosted with Trac instances. Admin site/FAS. bodhi update system. Turbogears. Infrastructure site Infrastructure Team !BitTorrent site Spins Home page Koji Build System Redirect to main site Redirect to main site Another domain Another domain Another domain Another domain mirrors Archives Redirect to translate / smolt Rewritten to mirrormanager's mirrorlist download Fedora infrastructure download servers in phx2 dl

See also: Infrastructure/LookAndFeel .