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= Websites Meetings =
= Websites Meetings =

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Websites Meetings

Meetings of the Fedora Websites team will be held regularly.

Meetings will typically be about an hour in length, but may be terminated early if all business is concluded.

Time and Place

Current Agenda

  • Wiki migration resources?
  • Current websites work (i.e. review open tasks)
  • F9 launch - what can we learn from the download numbers and reviews?
  • Future Plans cont. (part 3): what do we need to work on most for F10? what are we going to do for the get-fedora page?
  • Set up groups of interested people with specific tasks (e.g. Look and Feel; Infra work etc etc) that we can review and help with at the weekly meetings
  • Website (CSS/HTML/buildscript) licensing
  • AOB