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Meetings of the Fedora Websites team will be held regularly.

Meetings will typically be about an hour in length, but may be terminated early if all business is concluded.

Time and Place

  1. fedora-meeting, time of next meeting: June 9 22:00 UTC

Meeting times alternate by odd and even numbered weeks. To tell what week it is, look on your desktop calendar or use date +%W:

  • Odd weeks -- 2200 UTC
  • Examples: 26 May, 09 June, 23 June, etc.
  • Even weeks -- 2000 UTC
  • Examples: 02 June, 16 June, 30 June, etc.

Current Agenda

  • We will run down the current tasks list .
  • Wiki migration resources?
  • We need two canonical sources for people to use during migration:
    • Individual user page(s) -- how to make your user page, how to watch pages, how to set email for page changes, etc.
    • Group/teame page(s) -- what to do with team pages, watching, how to watch a group of pages, etc.
  • Differences between MoinMoin and MediaWiki of "how things are done" (IanWeller)
    • Help pages in the 'Help:' namespace, spaces in page titles, etc
  • Moving Tours/ off-wiki?
  • Future Plans cont. (part 3): what do we need to work on most for F10? what are we going to do for the get-fedora page?
  • Set up groups of interested people with specific tasks (e.g. Look and Feel; Infra work etc etc) that we can review and help with at the weekly meetings