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-!- ricky changed the topic of #fedora-websites to: Fedora Websites Meeting - Who's here? 17:00
* markg85 is here 17:00
* ricky had a feeling this was going to be a quick one :-) 17:00
hiran hiran is here. 17:00
ricky hiran: Hey, are you new around the websites team? 17:02
hiran ricky : ya 17:02
markg85 hiran, welcome ^_^ 17:02
ricky Cool, welcome 17:02
hiran Thanks All 17:02
ricky OK, I guess let's get started 17:03
-!- ricky changed the topic of #fedora-websites to: Fedora Websites Meeting - Tasks 17:03
ricky OK, so any updates on tasks for this week? 17:03
markg85 o yea 17:03
ricky Go ahead :-) 17:04
markg85 Well it was requested that feedback on and get.fp.o was gathered by me, hiemanshu and mizmo and i did it :) 17:05
markg85 quite a lot of feedback actually 17:05
markg85 so a link to it: 17:06
* markg85 looks for it 17:06
markg85 17:06
ricky Cool - hopefully that'll be useful for the work mizmo was looking at with get-fedora 17:07
ricky She couldn't make this meeting, so we'll probably get updated on that next meeting or via the mailing list 17:07
markg85 mizmo and i where looking at get-fedora and hiemanshu and i where looking at the main fedora page (or am i wrong now?) 17:08
ricky That sounds right 17:08
ricky OK - so quick update on the blogs.fp.o work that nb|away has been working on 17:08
ricky I think that's currently waiting on FAS auth and that's it 17:09
ricky There's at least a partial auth plugin that exists now, but it still has a lot of bugs to be worked out 17:09
* ianweller is here 17:10
markg85 it's quite hard for me to get any further on those 2 sites now 17:10
ricky Busy with life?  :-) 17:10
markg85 i guess we need to discuss what's in the feedback but the persons required for that are not here 17:10
ricky ianweller: Hey 17:10
ricky markg85: Yeah, these past two weeks have been really busy for a lot of people 17:11
markg85 ianweller, hi 17:11
ricky Feel free to ping on the mailing though 17:11
ricky I only have one update on my tasks, from just a few minutes ago :-) 17:11
markg85 ricky, i would have expected a reply from them in the list where i posted the feedback. no reply yet 17:11
ricky I've made the first contact to the docs team about some of the thoughs we had on how docs.fp.o could be improved: 17:11
ricky Hopefully that'll be received positively 17:12
ricky So any other updates on tasks right now? 17:13
markg85 nope 17:13
ricky All right then 17:14
-!- ricky changed the topic of #fedora-websites to: Fedora Websites Meeting - Open Floor 17:14
ricky Does anybody have anything they want to discuss? 17:14
ricky I know it's kind ofa small meeting here today 17:14
ricky **of a 17:14
ricky For those reading the logs: 17:14
ricky If this time has started not working for you, we can certainly look at changing times too 17:14
ricky So please reply on list if that applies to you 17:15
markg85 only that i would like 'feedback' on the feedback i gathered ^_^ 17:15
ricky markg85: What I'd do is post a couple of questions about the feedback in response to your original post 17:15
ricky That should get you some responses 17:15
markg85 will give that i try 17:15
markg85 a* 17:15
ricky Thanks 17:15
ricky OK, so if there's nothing else, I'll close the meeting a few minutes 17:16
ricky hiran: Did you send a self-intro to list, by the way? 17:16
hiran ricky: no 17:16
ricky Ah, that'd be good to do when you get a chance so that people know you're here :-) 17:17
hiran but i have applied to the website team. 17:17
ricky There are a lot of changes being talked about with websites now - it's just hard to get everybody together at the same time :-/ 17:18
markg85 ricky, perhaps send a mail to the list today or tomorrow for the meeting next week? 17:18
ricky markg85: Sure, or maybe we can wait a day or two first to see if anybody responds to this week's logs and wants to look at changing the meeting itme 17:19
ricky **time 17:19
ricky But I'll definitely send it earlier for next week 17:19
markg85 oke good 17:19
ricky Anyway, sorry this one went a bit short. Our meetings seem to always be either 10-15 minutes or >1.5 hours long, depending on how many people are here :-) 17:20
ricky Anyway, 17:20
-!- ricky changed the topic of #fedora-websites to: Fedora Websites Meeting - Meeting Close 17:20
* ricky sends logs 17:20

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