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Page Requests

Below are a list of pages and their requirements that we are hoping various people in the community will volunteer to design and make.

Much of this page is in presentation though some of it may require knowledge of kid or genshi templates.

Purpose: Landing page for default installs of firefox starting with Fedora 8 and beyond.

Needed by: ASAP


Details: In general I think for the initial rollout we'd like this to be simpler and cleaner in design. I'd like to prominently display links to the release notes and the docs site. The text field will, ultimately, link to though that site is still being worked out. This may also require template changes to

Contact: MikeMcGrath

Purpose: Community version of

Needed by: ASAP

Requirements: Should match but can be a little different, just as long as the navigation and fedora logos are present.

Details: is going to be a site to host different torrents. Unlike, which contains just a few official spins that are towards the top. spins.fp.o could, potentially, host many more. This is going to be a UI issue to make sure that all spins are listed, perhaps alpha? Not sure. We're open to ideas on this.

Contact: MikeMcGrath RickyZhou

Purpose: Clarify Fedora positions on Fonts

Needed by: ASAP

Requirements: Help the Fonts SIG move all the font and text-rendering related info in the Fedora wiki to a single place, help consolidate all those disparate sources in something coherent and pleasant to navigate.

Details: Fedora never managed fonts centrally so far, as a result everyone is confused about Fedora rules on the subject which hinders both new font contributions and QA on existing fedora fonts. The Font SIGs wiki space is intended to put this right and make Fedora fonts-related activities easier for everyone.

Contact: NicolasMailhot

Purpose: Direct users to contact the right groups with requests/problems.

Needed by: ASAP

Requirements: Clearly state where different kinds of requests should go (eg. end user support, legal issues, website issues + other contacts), explicitly explain the meaning of the Apache test page.

Details: As we've seen on fedora-websites-list, we get a ton of misdirected emails, mostly about off-topic Fedora support, or inquiries about websites that we do not control. Since the Apache test page only links to fp.o, we might be able to reduce these by replacing the webmaster email in the footer with a link to a more descriptive contact page. Another thought: Could we possibly leverage this to reduce spam as well (write webmaster AT fedoraproject DOT org)?

Contact: RickyZhou

Fedora Store SIG

Purpose: Act as a landing spot for Fedora Users and Ambassadors looking for Fedora merchandise.

Needed by: Soon

Requirements: A general requirements page is located here:

Details: The Fedora store page at this time is mainly a place to help direct people to the locations they can purchase Fedora merchandise from. At this time we are looking for a mockup of a page that can provide links for Ambassadors looking for merchandise in bulk and for Fedora users looking to purchase merchandise and will ultimately be redirected to a third-party vendor. In addition we would like to be able to showcase some product on the landing page.

Contact: JeffreyTadlock