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Plone To-Do

We have a working Plone site running.

Some basic work has been done, but a lot more needs to happen before we can carry out our full plans.

Upgrade Zope+Plone

JonathanSteffan, MikeMcGrath, and PatrickBarnes have been discussing an upgrade of Zope and Plone to newer versions that Jonathan has packaged. These versions support a newer authentication system that has features we would very much like to use. If you wish to participate post to


  • fpserv is now running CentOS, but the new Zope package requires a more recent version of Python
  • We can attempt to upgrade Python
  • We can upgrade the entire system (FC5?)
  • The new authentication system, like the current version, is LDAP-capable, but not SQL-capable
  • We can move the Account System to SQL
  • We can use an LDAP server that would allow the PostgreSQL database to be used for its storage backend

Authentication Backend

We don't really want to have yet another account that users must sign up for and which we must maintain. The above upgrade would solve part of this. We don't want to get too far before we figure this out.

Main Page (Re)Design

One reason for using Plone is the control over the front page. The details of The Plan are at Websites/MainPageRedesign2007 .

What Belongs in Plone?

We don't yet have solid guidelines for what should go in Plone and what should remain in the wiki. We know that we want the Plone site to provide static content, much like currently provides. We need a little more definition, though we can leave this largely open-ended and up to the contributors.

Docs & Plone

We'd like to wrap Fedora Documentation's publications into Plone. We need the infrastructure to automate the production of pages in Plone from Docs CVS. FDP's specific needs and use cases are available at DocsProject/PloneIssues .

We Need Content

Once some of the above issues are resolved, we'll need content prepared for the Plone site. PatrickBarnes has gotten started, but there are a lot of loose ends. The wiki will also need work to adapt to its new role.

The Plan

We are moving all of the infrastructure from to and redirecting the former website links to the latter after we set things up. The current plan involves moving the Plone site to serve the front page. The wiki will remain at and will remain the larger source of content. The Plone site will point users to the wiki where appropriate, and the wiki may point back to the Plone site for some common static content.