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{{admon/note|Archive of discussion|This is an archive of discussion of a Hackfest at [[FUDCon/FUDConF10|FUDConF10]].}}
{{see also|SIGs/Spins/SpinSubmissionProcess}}
= Project Goals =
= Project Goals =
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= Documents =
= Documents =
==== How to make a spin webpage ====
* Instructions for people looking to make a webpage for a Fedora spin can be found at [[Spin webpage creation SOP]].
==== User Research ====
==== User Research ====
* [[Websites/Spins/Users | Who are our users?]]
* [[Websites/Spins/Users | Users]] - Who are our users?
* [[Websites/Spins/UserTasks | What should our users be able to do?]]
* [[Websites/Spins/UserTasks | User Tasks]] - What should our users be able to do?
==== Design Documents ====
* [[Websites/Spins/SiteMap | Sitemap Design]] - What is the overall flow/structure of the application?
* [[Websites/Spins/Wireframes | Wireframe Designs]] - What kinds of information will be on the screens in the application?
* [[Websites/Spins/Mockups | Screen Mockups]] - What will screens in the application look like?
==== Content ====
* [[Spins/What is a spin|What is a spin Content]] - content for the "What is a Spin?" page
==== Meeting Minutes ====
* [[Websites/Meetings/2008-06-30 | 30 June, 2008]] - spins.fpo test instance, what is a spin, spins sitemap, development discussion
==== Related Places on the Wiki ====
* [[SIGs/Spins | Spins Special Interest Group (SIG) Wiki Page]]
* [[SIGs/Spins/SpinSubmissionProcess | Spins Submission Process]]
= Project Team =
= Project Team =
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|FEL, Games, XFCE for F9 on BT||[[User:Kanarip | kanarip]]||7 July 2008||?
|FEL, Games, XFCE for F9 on BT||[[User:Kanarip | kanarip]]||7 July 2008||?
== Who? ==
* tinkerer
* live USBs
* developers to build more spins
* spin user
* spin reviewer
* potential spin builders
== Tasks we want end-users and devs to do ==
# Get details on a spin
# Modify spin details
# Find spin you like
# Download spin
# Build spin
# add spin to site (unofficially)
# apply for official status
#* submit
#* review
#* pass/fail
# Review spins and approve
# Gardening/which are being updated?
# Voting/popularity
#* Find the "coolest" spins
#* Mozilla addons as a model
# Discontinue spins?
# View security vulnerabilities
# Download kickstart file and extra scripts that were submitted
# Spin diffing
# Howto for revisor
# "Make my Fedora this" -- one click install with metapackages and PackageKit
# "I use this spin" sticker to put on blog or what have you
# '''Advertise'''
# Based on Fedora and *only* Fedora?
== Example users ==
=== Joe -- artist ===
# Read about spins
#* from blogs?
# Go to spins.fpo
# See popular spins, categories, and what a spin is
## What are all spins? (generally)
##* What do they do?
##* Why do I need it?
##* Why don't I just use plain Fedora?
##* How do I use it?
##* How do I download
##* Screencast/video
##* Live vs. installed
##* Link to directory
## Expanded view on individual spins
##* Comments
##* Digg-style voting
##* Karma++
##* What's in it
##* Link back to what a spin is and how to use
# What does Joe need?
#* idea of what he wants
#* fedora system or USB key or blank disc
#* time it takes
# (blank box)
# What does Joe get?
#* Live image with instructions
#* 1-click to make your Fedora that spin (PackageKit)
==== So we want to search for spins by: ====
* package
* task
* tag
* "art"
* pkgdb metadata
* language
* filtering out spins that won't work using Smolt profiles?
which leads to a huge list of spins. somehow we need to compare. use what is available in the list, such as architectures, live/install, what media it fits on, etc.
Then click spin, and we see
* download this spin
* "make my fedora this" (PackageKit)
** smolt.
* other suggested packages
==== Post-spin downloading ====
* Installation instructions and stuff show up
* Win/Mac/Lin download client or other instructions
* Feedback plz!
* Survey email after 1 week
* Smolt profile with a tag that says what spin it is
=== Bob -- Fedora user/dev ===
"Bob thinks that he is the smartest person God ever created. Bob will create the spin to end all spins." -- Max Spevack
* Go to spins.fpo
* "Add a spin"
** Login
** "Spins are cool, make your own" banner
** How to build
*** What tools?
*** Instructions for tools
*** How to "craft" this spin
*** What makes a compelling spin
*** requirements
*** official vs. unofficial
*** what's allowed (just Fedora?)
*** How to configure
*** submit RPM
*** i18n
*** how to build KS file
*** make my running system a spin?
** He's a motivated guy, and he wants to create a spin.
** Maybe we should have a spin for spin developers. Hrmm...
* Sections on this page...
** How to build -- back to the how to build section elsewhere
** Addition form
==== Create a Kickstart file ====
* Web wizard
* Upload
* Pick one to base off of
* Have Kickstart recipes
* Kickstart post, RPM post, or wizard?
* Very very very very very very good samples
* Testing info
* He needs to build now
** web wizard
**# Download link in email, available for 24 hours or so
** local build <s>+ BitTorrent
**# submit BT file
**# tracked by Fedora, seeded by Fedora -- very dangerous</s>
*** testing route, and resubmit Kickstart file.
==== Review process ====
* Metadata with information on what it is for
* Submit to review
** We don't have a clue about this
** Login/view status at any time
* Yes
** fill out wiki details for spin page
** maybe suggest a SIG
** auto respin for security issues or updates?
* No
** what's wrong, how to fix
** end there or go back
==== In and out example ====
* What Bob is putting in
** experience on creating spins and Fedora
** time
** FAS account
* (blank box)
* What Bob gets back
** ISO
** spin page
** personalized distro
** handout
** user base
** build tools
** approval of spin
== Reviewer Process ==
{{admon/warning|Legal issues|There are some legal issues with spins that are still being worked out. This section currently contains what we discussed before we hit legal stuff.}}
=== Kickstart file approval ===
* KS submitted
* Ticket created
* Auto-validation process of kickstart
** Syntax
** Forbidden items validation
** Repos
** Root password
** If any of these present, automatically reject ticket
* Does it have scripts?
** No: initial automatic approval, needs metadata check
** Yes: email sent to mailing list, assigned to "default" reviewer
*** Discussion takes place on saneness of scripts
*** Unapproved: here's why, here's how to fix it, Retry or Abort?
=== Levels of reviewed approvalness ===
* Hosted
* BT/Community
* Ignored
== Interesting questions ==
# Allow Adobe to create a spin?
#* If it uses all Fedora software, that works.
# Live spin or just an installer?
#* The main consensus is to allow both, and make sure we tell the end user on the spins page.
== Tasks ==
= Sitemap =
(click to view full-size)
[[Media:spinsfpo-sitemap.svg | SVG Source]]
= Wireframes =
== Front Page ==
(click to view full-size)
[[Media:spinsfpo-wireframe-frontpage.svg | SVG Source]]
= Open questions =
= Open questions =
* How to get content from wiki to static pages on website
* How to get content from wiki to static pages on website
[[Category:Websites]] [[Category:Spins]]

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Project Goals

The goal of this project is to provide a hosted application that will allow:

  • anyone to learn about what spins are and how to use them
  • users to be able to browse, download, and start using spins
  • developers to customize & build their own spins
  • spin reviewers to approve/deny incoming spin submissions
  • administrators to control the build process
  • Fedora project members to track and view metrics on which Spins are most popular

The overarching goal of spins is to make Fedora more accessible to folks who want to try it as it's a no risk way to 'install' Fedora, as well as to provide a mechanism for customizing Fedora for specific tasks to showcase its abilities (for example, the Electronics spin or the Art Studio spin.)


How to make a spin webpage

User Research

Design Documents


Meeting Minutes

  • 30 June, 2008 - spins.fpo test instance, what is a spin, spins sitemap, development discussion

Related Places on the Wiki

Project Team


If you would like to join, please add your name below and apply to the Spins Websites group in the Fedora Accounts system. The following people are signed up for tasks related to this project so they are considered members of the project team:


Project Assignees Next Milestone Status Summary
Finish workflows for each use case mizmo 7 July 2008 - next team meeting Almost finished with 'user' use case; need to do devel, reviewer, and admin
Finish wireframes for key pages mizmo 7 July 2008 Wireframe for home completed, need to start wireframe for others including 'My Spins' and 'Search'
Create What is a spin content herlo 7 July 2008 Some progress has been made, see What is a spin page.
Collect all spins on BT (short-term hack) spevack 7 July 2008 ?
spins.fp.o test instance spevack & ricky 7 July 2008 ?
Patch "Get Fedora" spevack 7 July 2008 In the process of being redone, so it should get added in
Search, s.fp.o front page, individual pages HTML/CSS mizmo & ianweller 7 July 2008 need to finish wireframes and mockups first
Search backend, metadata herlo 7 July 2008 ?
FEL, Games, XFCE for F9 on BT kanarip 7 July 2008 ?

Open questions

  • How to get content from wiki to static pages on website