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Fedora Women
Promoting women's involvement in the Fedora Project

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Fedora Women is a project designed to connect and assist women who are interested in using and contributing to Fedora.

Because it is estimated that only 1.5% of free and open source software (FOSS) developers are female,[1] Fedora Women is crucial in both uniting and empowering women against gender-based stigmas, which are often considered detrimental to the success of female FOSS developers. Since being announced in July 2006,[2] Fedora Women has striven to raise awareness of the female community - along with the many roles women have as contributors and users - within the Fedora Project.

On the Fedora Community Blog, a reflection and plan for reaching out to more women contributors was shared in the Women in Computing and Fedora article.

Mission statement

Provide a forum for women in the Fedora Community.
The project provides a central forum where women in the Fedora Community can work or socialize with one another without the distractions that may appear elsewhere.
Provide a stronger voice for the women of the Fedora Community.
By allowing the women of the Fedora Community to coordinate with one another and speak in unison, this project provides a larger collective voice, making the will of the group more apparent to the rest of the community.
Avoid segregation.
This project attempts to bring some balance to a community that is made up of mostly men. It is not intended to separate women from the rest of the community, but rather to bring them closer to it by making sure they are included in the community voice.
Have fun!
This project is not meant to be just a dull channel for a few ideas. Fedora Women is, ideally, a fun and engaging environment that fosters participation and further development.

Get involved

Fedora Women is open to any woman who is looking for a supportive group within the Fedora Community. For this reason, involvement with the Fedora Project - whether as a user or a contributor - is strongly encouraged.

New to Fedora? There is a vast amount of information available regarding the roles and expectations of potential contributors to the Fedora Community. If you are interested in joining the Fedora Project, you should consider the many positions available and assess where your particular talents would best serve the community.

If you're uncertain of how to proceed, there are a series of Join pages for all of the different sub-projects and teams in Fedora. Before choosing a place to get involved, it's important to make sure you join an area of the Project you are excited about and interested to participate in. Especially in open source, it's important for you to work on things that interest you personally. You can find the Join pages for the following sub-projects and groups.

  • Ambassadors: Representing Fedora as advocates in the field
  • CommOps: Community Operations, or CommOps, helps improve communication and community infrastructure across the Project
  • Design: Working on graphics and designs for Fedora
  • Documentation: Writing documentation on different pieces of Fedora
  • EPEL: A special interest group working on packaging software for enterprise Linux
  • Infrastructure: Maintaining our infrastructure and writing software to integrate with it
  • Internationalization: Help improve and test software to be more multilingual friendly
  • Localization: Translating interfaces and software in Fedora to new languages
  • Marketing: Creating strategy of spreading Fedora to new users and audiences
  • Magazine: Writing how-to style pieces and news article about topics in Fedora and open source
  • Package Maintainers: Writing new software and packaging other people's work in Fedora
  • Quality Assurance: Testing the software in Fedora and making sure it is good to go
  • Websites: Developing the websites used across the Fedora Infrastructure

You can also find a list of other areas to participate in on the Join page.

GNOME Outreachy

Fedora participates in the GNOME Outreachy program, formerly known as Outreach Program for Women (OPW). Outreachy was inspired by both the Google Summer of Code and also how few women applied for it in the past. Different free and open source software (FOSS) projects or organizations can apply to offer paid internships as part of the program. This program is an internship program specifically targeted at women, people of color, and other under-represented groups. Our goal is to increase participation in Fedora. This is a continuation of the very successful GNOME Outreach Program for Women and we are running the program in conjunction with GNOME and other prominent open source projects.

Fedora participated in Outreachy 2015 and plans to participate in Outreachy 2016 as well. Read the wiki pages for more details about Fedora's participation in Outreachy, how to get involved, and where to apply.

Locate Nearest Help

Name Location
Nitesh Narayan Lal Delhi, India
María "tatica" Leandro Venezuela - LATAM
Jehane Paris, France
Aeva Palecek Chicago, USA
Ankur Hatfield, UK

Know Our Existing Women Contributors

Name Location
A Mani Kolkata, India
Robyn Phoenix, AZ, USA
María "tatica" Leandro Venezuela - LATAM
Aeva Chicago, OH, USA
Ruth Raleigh, NC, USA
Mizmo Boston, MA, USA
Amita Sharma Pune, India
Bee (Bhagyashree) Guwahati, India
Lailah (Sylvia Sánchez) Montevideo, Uruguay
Jona Azizaj Tiranë, Albania - EMEA
Amanda Carter Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Julita Inca Lima, Peru
Aura Lila Gutiérrez Nicaragua, LATAM
Aly Yuliza Machaca Mamani Peru, LATAM
K Rain Leander Groningen, Netherlands, EMEA
Trishna Guha Kolkata, India
Ana Mativi Brazil - LATAM
Radka Janek (Rhea) EMEA

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