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This is the home for the Workstation working group, which is the team of people working on putting together the Fedora Workstation product.

Mission Statement

The Fedora Workstation working group aims to create a reliable, user-friendly and powerful operating system for laptops and PC hardware. The system will primarily be aimed at providing a platform for development of server side and client applications that is attractive to a range of developers - from hobbyists and students to developers working in corporate environments.

Workstation Working Group Resources




The governance for the Workstation Working Group is here: Governance

Product Requirements and Guidelines

You can find the Workstation/Workstation_PRD here

Approved Guidelines

===== Tutorial for how to create 3rd party repositories for Fedora Workstation =====

Part 1: Creating the needed metadata - Workstation/softwareappdata

Part 2: Ensuring metadata is added to your software repository - Workstation/hostingmetadata

Information on Third party software

Technical overview

The technical description of the workstation is being drafted on the Workstation/Technical_Specification page.

Tasklist / How to get involved

You can find more information about some of the concrete tasks we are working on and some information on how you can get involved on the Workstation/Tasklist page.

Fedora ISO images

Download Fedora Workstation from