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This is a temporary page to coordinate the creation of a special interest group to coordinate work on Workstation/AtomicWorkstation. The idea is that the SIG would have regular (bi-weekly?) meetings to keep the work on the project moving forward.

Possible areas of work are:

  • Keeping the OSTree and installer composing, installing, and working
  • Increasing automated testing done on the OSTree image
  • Making sure that open technical questions and pull requests are dealt with
  • Documentation, including best practices for development on an OSTree system
  • General initiative planning - milestones, promotion, etc.
  • Figuring out technical next steps

If you are interested in participating, please add yourself below, or mail One possible meeting time would be opposite weeks from the Workstation Working Group meeting at 13:00 UTC on Mondays.

Name Monday 13utc? Timezone interests
OwenTaylor Good US/Eastern (preferably 9am-6pm) coordination, development model, flatpaks
Kalev Lember Good Europe/Stockholm (preferably 9am-6pm) gnome-software support, making sure everything aligns with regular Workstation goals
Sanja Bonic Good Europe/London (preferably 9am-6pm) Project Atomic, minimal installations, making sure desktop works for regular users