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This is a Marketing SOP that describes how to write press articles and/or press releases for sub-projects, events, etc.


You can see examples of past press archive. Also there are from time to time some Mails that goes over the MarketingMailinglist wich are marked as [In the news] wich also covers some press-texts wich goes out in the public.


Collect as much infos BEFORE the event / Release, etc. as you can get. Ask people who is responsible and/or can give you info. Ask also if any info is only for background info and is not yet a point for release. Also have in mind for wich audience you write. If you write on an blog or CMS there are the same fundamentals, but some other rules as for printpress, TV, radio.


First steps are always hard, but keep in mind that a good presstext stay in the mind.

Step 1: define the project / the package / the spin / the event wich you want to write the presstext. Take your time with that. Try to look at this not necessary as a "fedorian", as a techie or a collegue. Try to think that this text should also read your neighbour or someone whos relativly fresh into Linux.

Step 2: think allways on the following w-words:

  • what, when, where, wich, who, why (this should mostly come from the Organizer / event Owner)
  • what does when take place where and who can participate / download / contribute what exactly.
  • What is where new and when can I get what exactly where and why.
  • what had happended and when and who had participated to get what done.

If you create a small text around the w-words or construct yourself those abstract questions then the presstext is 90% ready!

The e-word part is also the part wich has to come from the Organizer or Event-Owner if you have been asked to write a pressrelease. Also you need an URL or page at fedorawiki to refer to and if possible graphics, banners, pictures.

Step 3: deliverables. Try to construct your pressrelease into three parts.

  • The Intro: Here you have answered the 4-6 w-words in one paragraph.
  • In the second paragraph you explain some details, go something deeper into the context.
  • In the third paragraph you explain the project (mostly fedoraproject itself, the ambassadors project, campus, OLPC, etc.)

At the end do not forget some contact infos and - if necessary the - lock flag (do not publich before / after / exact date).

presstext Example

(Attention: the text is purely fictional and is only an examle for the structure)

Dancing ponies under the disco ball out now

Today, we announce the new fedoraproject SPIN with the name "Dancing Ponies under the disco ball - DPUTDB" wich 
can be found from now on at the Spins-Page (Link) or the Bittorrent Download Page (Link).
That new spin wants to close the gap between the bleeding Edge Fedora Distribution and the purely technical content 
of must other distros and is a purely fun-spin.

In the first quarter of the year 2010 some folks from the Marketing crew had the idea that there was something 
missing and start to create some packages and stuff wich will have more fun. Then others came into it and the 
community get bigger and bigger. at the end there where about 2648636268 packages within the spin and the 
infrastructure team decides that there must be a new spin, because it gets to big. After some month of 
development the spin was ready now.

please visit or contact the Fedora Project Press
team at press at 

About the Fedora Project <br>
The Fedora Project is sponsored by Red Hat and is a collaborative effort
between Red Hat and the open source community. Built exclusively from the
latest open source technology, the Fedora operating system is community
supported and freely available. The Fedora Project is not a supported product of
Red Hat, Inc. For more information, please visit 

About Red Hat, Inc. <br>
Red Hat is the worlds premier open source and Linux provider. Red Hat is
headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. and has offices worldwide. Please visit Red Hat
on the Web at www.europe.redhat.

contact: Link and mailadress

Step 4: TBD - Marketing sends those out - TBD

  • wich media / press coverage ?!
    • through RH media
    • RH magazine, website, etc.
    • fedora blog, website (wiki?)
    • local press
      • regional (APAC, EMEA, etc.)
    • Internet
    • other chanels

Step 5: Link article into the press archive and look if there are presscoverage out and link that also.

For questions, suggestions, opinions, critique contact --wonderer 20:57, 12 March 2010 (UTC)

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