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My name is Xavier and I am a linux enthusiast here in Laredo, TX. I use Fedora on my only computer. I have been using Fedora Linux since Fedora 7 and have never looked back or at other distros.

Contact Info: Email:

What I do now:

I am a Linux enthusiast (going on 13 years now) who uses Fedora Linux. I favor Fedora Linux because of its robust cutting-edge technology and its reliability. My plans include spreading the power of Fedora Linux here in Laredo, TX. Most people here in Laredo, TX (pop est. 275,000) use Windows (Winblows) on their computers and advise me that they are sick and tired of Windows problems. So I seem to have a naturally favorable position to spread and make people aware of the GNU/Linux OS and more specifically, Fedora Linux. I have about 3 people so far who have Fedora installed on their PC's. We collaborate when we can about things we can do in Fedora Linux.


My short-term goal/idea is to create a LUG here in Laredo, TX in which to have monthly meetings regarding Fedora Linux and Linux in general. Also I would be interested in speaking at certain events in town. My audience can range from kids to teenagers to college students to working adults to elderly. My long-term goal is to start-up a PC services business in this town. I also eventually want to create a Fedora group here in Laredo that can collaborate with other Fedora groups in the world. In this town, I am basically the person that knows Fedora the most, so my colleagues come to me for advice. I would like to represent Laredo in the Fedora Linux planet!!

Web Site The following link is my swebsite, please take a look at it: