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This is a document to help system administrators who need to understand what commands in systemd replace their old workflow in sysvinit.  If you want general information on systemd, refer to [[systemd]].
{{admon/tip | Note on 'service' and 'chkconfig' commands | The 'service' and 'chkconfig' commands will mostly continue to work as expected in the systemd world, this guide is how to use the native
systemctl replacements. }}
== Commands ==
== Commands ==
Note that all recent versions of systemctl assume the '.service' if left off. So, 'systemctl start frobozz.service' is the same as 'systemctl start frobozz'
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== Additional Tools ==
== Additional Tools ==
All tools in DNF added by plugins ([ core], [ extras])
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Yum Command DNF Command Notes
yum install dnf install Install packages

Additional Tools

All tools in DNF added by plugins (core, extras)

Yum Tool DNF Tool Notes
yum-builddep dnf builddep
yum copr dnf copr
yum playground dnf playground
debuginfo-install dnf debuginfo-install
yumdownloader dnf download
dnf kickstart
repoquery dnf repoquery
reposync dnf reposync
repomanage dnf repomanage


Yum Plugin DNF Plugin Notes
yum-plugin-fs-snapshot? dnf-plugins-extras-snapper
dnf tracer