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This is a document to help system administrators who need to understand what commands in systemd replace their old workflow in sysvinit. If you want general information on systemd, refer to systemd.

Note on 'service' and 'chkconfig' commands
The 'service' and 'chkconfig' commands will mostly continue to work as expected in the systemd world, this guide is how to use the native systemctl replacements.


Note that all recent versions of systemctl assume the '.service' if left off. So, 'systemctl start frobozz.service' is the same as 'systemctl start frobozz'

Yum Command DNF Command Notes
yum install dnf install Install packages


Yum Plugin DNF Plugin Notes
yum-builddep dnf builddep
yum copr dnf copr
yum playground dnf playground
debuginfo-install dnf debuginfo-install
yumdownloader dnf download
dnf kickstart
repoquery dnf repoquery
reposync dnf reposync
repomanage dnf repomanage
yum-plugin-fs-snapshot? dnf-plugins-extras-snapper
dnf tracer