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{{:FZUGCommInfobox}}[[File:Constantine-logo-v0.1.png|200px|thumb|center|Logo designed by [[user:lood|lood]].]]
[[File:Constantine-logo-v0.1.png|200px|thumb|center|Logo designed by [[user:lood|lood]].]]
== Fedora Zhongwen (Chinese) User Group / FZUG ==
== Fedora Zhongwen (Chinese) User Group / FZUG ==

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FZUG Contact Methods
Mailing List chinese (Introduction)
IRC #fedora-zh[?] Meeting every Friday at 13:00 UTC (21:00 Beijing Time)
Home Page
Weibo Official account of Fedora Project in China
Logo designed by lood.

Fedora Zhongwen (Chinese) User Group / FZUG

Fedora Zongwen User Group (Fedora Chinese User Group / FZUG) is the official Chinese Fedora community.

FZUG established in 2008 by a group of Chinese Fedora lovers who had run Chinese Fedora community for years, for the achievements of the following goals:

  1. Catalyze technical collaboration and self-development among Chinese Fedora users.
  2. Assist organization of Fedora related events around Chinese population globally.
  3. Promote concepts and benefits of Fedora, Linux, Open Source Software to Chinese public.

Welcome to FZUG! Let's have fun with Fedora now!

Resources (most written in Chinese)
User Communication OS Dev Content Design
Translation Web Dev & Admin



July, 2011.

We are planning to run a FAD in October this year! Check here for more info!

7st January, 2011.


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