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This is a hackfest for FUDCon:Toronto 2009. Some background on how this plan got put together can be found in the logs for Simon Birtwistle's FUDCon session on zikula.


Our target this weekend: Migrate FWN to zikula on pt6.

Note that FWN will still continue to output in the usual channel (email text) until we migrate FWN to production, so there will be redundancy for a while. This is okay. Once we migrate to production, what's going to change is that the FWN email will contain a single link to the production instance. Sweet.

Where we'll be

We'll be working in the #fudcon-room-4 channel on Freenode.

We will be in room 4 in the SEQ building on Sunday and somewhere else on Monday.

Who to contact

  • FAS (actual name) - what we're responsible for wrangling
  • itbegins (Simon Birtwistle) - zikula guru
  • pcalarco (Pascal Calarco) - workflow and FWN ninja
  • mchua (Mel Chua) - marketing and editorial cap'n

Who's coming

Add yourself if you're coming!

  • FAS (actual name) - when you'll be working on what
  • itbegins (Simon Birtwistle) - nearly all weekend, getting to staging
  • pcalarco (Pascal Calarco) - nearly all weekend, getting FWN moved over; leaving Monday early afternoon
  • mchua (Mel Chua) - nearly all weekend, lining us up to go to production
  • ke4qqq (David Nalley) - available nearly all weekend - remote
  • spevack (Max Spevack) - content planning, etc.
  • dianam (Diana Martin) - design and CSS
  • dale (Dale Bewley) - parts of sunday, fwn beat workflow, remote
  • danielsmw (Matthew Daniels) - most of the weekend, working on xinha and content if I'm needed there


These people are desperately looking for help to get this stuff done. Please come and chime in!

Production (Simon)

Task: get us to staging.

  • finish all packaging
  • xinha (Javascript WYSIWYG) <-- Needs to be pushed to testing and then we can test and push to stable (or just deploy from testing repo)
  • deploy packages on pt6
  • finish/package/deploy design
  • get infra to help us take it to staging
  • load tests
  • capacity building

If time: look at how we can grow zikula capacity to help within Fedora, and Fedora capacity to be a good downstream to zikula.

Workflow (Pascal)

Task: Get FWN beats this week submitted and processed via a zikula workflow.

  • current FWN workflow
  • revised FWN workflow (in process)
  • what scope for individual postings?
  • how to aggregate like content? categories def
  • submission of articles at beat level for FWN; wrangle beat authors to get FWN written in zikula this week and beyond
  • how to define editorial scope for FWN, Planet, etc.

If time: look at how we can grow zikula capacity to help within Fedora, and Fedora capacity to be a good downstream to zikula.

Content (Mel)

Task: Line us up for going to production with a full set of content by the start of February (well before the yet-to-be-planned Marketing FAD).

Sunday's deliverables

  • Write the About page / first post explaining the purpose and scope of FI. (Max and Mel)
  • Determine what metrics we want to collect from FI, and talk with Simon about how to implement them. (Max)
  • Content type blocker list - what types of content (text, audio, video, podcast...) do we want to have on FI, and is it easy to produce them? What needs to be done to unblock the creation of certain types of content (i.e. what makes it hard to make a video, and so on?) (Max)
  • i18n gameplan for after launch: make a list of languages/areas/projects/people to contact once FI is up and running in one language (en) so that we can spread it. (Max and Mel)
  • What's Going On wiki page updates and blogpost (Mel)

Later deliverables

  • Document. Everything. We do. This weekend.
  • Focus on capacity-building and spreading the skills of key people
  • Set up a process for final QA via using FWN as a test while we're in staging.
  • Design a policy for adding posts.
  • Design a policy for moderating comments.
  • Write and line up a soft launch plan for...
    • content schedule
    • planet
    • fwn
    • video
    • audio
    • other articles
  • goals and success metrics for FI

If time: look at how we can grow zikula capacity to help within Fedora, and Fedora capacity to be a good downstream to zikula.