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zodbot is a [ supybot ] instance connected to the irc network.

zodbot runs on the host, hosted by Fedora infrastructure.

This page describes what zodbot does and how it can be used by those with the permissions to operate it.

Addressing zodbot

zodbot watches for . as it's prefix, so if you want to query it in a channel, you will need to add . to the beginning of any of the listed commands below. If you wish to avoid chatter in channel from zodbot, you can /msg it directly, in which case you do not need the prefix character, you may wish to do this in channels with a large number of users or if you have a number of queries.

Fedora Plugin Functions

Zodbot is able to query a number of Fedora specific items, including:

In the supybot-fedora plugin

  • whoowns <pkg> - will tell you what Fedora Account System name owns package pkg.
  • branches <pkg> - will tell you what branches a Fedora package pkg has.
  • fas <name> - will search the Fedora Account system database for a wildcard match for name. Note that this is a *<name>* search.
  • fasinfo <name> - will provided detailed Fedora Account System info about the specific fedora account <name>. Note that this is an exact match for name only.
  • sponsors <group> - will provide a list of sponsors for <group> with @ indicating admins of the group.
  • what <pkg> - returns a description of package named <pkg>.

In the supybot-koji plugin

  • builders - returns a list of build machines enabled and disabled.
  • building <builder> - returns what is building on builder number <builder>
  • taskload - lists number of current koji tasks.
  • buildload - lists load on all koji build cluster.

Meeting Functions

zodbot has the supybot-meetbot plugin package installed and configured. See: the MeetBot wiki page for more information on the meeting commands. Meeting logs will be at [ ].

In general for meetings using the plugin, you will want to use this sequence of commands:

  • #startmeeting - start the meeting.
  • #meetingtopic <topic> - overall meeting topic (example: FESCo meeting)
  • #topic <currenttopic> - Use topic to go through each of the topics in your adgenda. The main meetingtopic will stay the same.
  • #info, #help, #agreed, #denied, etc - as needed in the meeting.
  • #endmeeting

Zodbot also has some aliases setup to list the time until various meetings:

nextfescomeeting, nextkdemeeting, nextepelmeeting, nextinframeeting, nextrelengmeeting, etc. These commands will list the time until the next meeting of that sig or group.

Other useful commands

  • seen <nick> - returns the last time nick was seen in that channel and what they were saying.
  • any <nick> - returns the last time nick was in any channel zodbot is in and what they were saying.


For any questions about fedbot, please ask in #fedora-admin.