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Let's use this page to personalize the contact with the IRC staff. From the 2009-03-05 IRC ops meeting in #fedora-meeting:

<Khaytsus> stickster: I'm thinking something simple like a picture
  (up to the op), some very quick background, nothing real personal,
  just a few lines of background, knowldge, some statement about why they are a Fedora op
<nirik> we could even link it to the stats. ;)
<stickster> Khaytsus: Sure, that sounds perfect
<Khaytsus> So yeah, like stickster says, perhaps we just need to 
  fill out such things and then glue it together.  Possible to
  summarize it into a single page, rather than links to each?
<vwbusguy> and link to our user wiki pages :-)