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  • Name: Guediri
  • Surname: Akrem
  • Born on : 29/04/1989
  • Nationality : Tunisian

Something about me

  • I live in Tunisia / Mallassine
  • Bachelor + 1 Mechanical Engineering
  • Currently I work at SO.N.E.D.E, mechanical assistant
  • Member of Fedora Tunisia Team
  • Responsable of an Robotics section "Association Youth and Science of Tunisia"
  • Linux system trainer at association Youth and Science


  • Email:
  • IRC: akrem001 on #fedora-tunisia


  • The primary plan : making all who i know use Fedora
  • I plan to contribute in Transalation
  • I plan to do many manifestation and "Open Day" about the free software and the open source specially the Fedora O/S
  • I plan to present Fedora in the manifestation that the club "Youth and Science" will do
  • I plan to do a "Fedora Install Party Day" to promote Fedora


                     Fedora, we design the future...