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This is the IRC log from the #allegheny channel on on Tuesday, April 6, 2010. See Allegheny Activism And Fedora for more information on the class that generated this log.

(11:20:36 AM) The topic for #allegheny is: Allegheny IRC Exploration
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(11:21:03 AM) mchua_projector: If you type "/join #allegheny" in the message box, you'll be placed into this chatroom.
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(11:21:13 AM) mchua_projector: And for those of you in Fedoraland watching, you're on the screen. Say hello. :)
(11:21:20 AM) ***sdziallas waves!
(11:21:26 AM) sdziallas: hi folks ;)
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(11:22:49 AM) ke4qqq: echo "Hello" > /dev/projector
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(11:23:15 AM) ke4qqq: sdziallas: what are you using now for an email client?
(11:23:20 AM) ***ke4qqq uses mutt at work
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(11:23:53 AM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: thunderbird. but it's driving me crazy with my imap connection.
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(11:24:05 AM) ke4qqq: interesting
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(11:24:26 AM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: I hear people saying mutt was more configurable than alpine... :)
(11:24:35 AM) sdziallas: (uh, it's getting crowded in here)
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(11:24:51 AM) watkinc: i hate duke...
(11:24:55 AM) ke4qqq: sdziallas: I don't think I have got over the learning curve with it. 
(11:25:10 AM) ke4qqq: ahhh finally - one of them decides to speak - hi watkinc 
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(11:27:32 AM) watkinc: oi whats up
(11:27:35 AM) ShanWade: Hello! so i'm going to be working on a spin...but not gonna lie, I have no idea what a "spin" is! Can anyone please explain?
(11:27:58 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: think of it as like a mix tape
(11:28:18 AM) sdziallas: ShanWade: Hiya! Which one are you working on, the Design Suite or Sugar on a Stick?
(11:28:20 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: it's a customized version of Fedora with specific pieces of software installed
(11:28:31 AM) ke4qqq: that might be different than the default
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(11:28:49 AM) ke4qqq: watkinc: not much - just watching people filter in
(11:28:53 AM) ShanWade: i'm on Design Suite
(11:29:07 AM) sdziallas: ShanWade: ah, that's cool!
(11:29:20 AM) ShanWade: =) thanks!
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(11:29:43 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: so to better answer your question the Design Suite spin is a version of Fedora customized with software that helps design types. 
(11:29:49 AM) brankf: catfish
(11:29:57 AM) ShanWade: okay. so, people who use design suite are more interested in using programs like photoshop?
(11:30:08 AM) ShanWade: (or something similar?)
(11:30:14 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: well hopefully libre alternatives, but yes
(11:30:15 AM) hansene: i like fishin dont u
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(11:30:26 AM) chartij: i'm working on sugar on a stick.  advice?
(11:30:33 AM) ShanWade: okay that makes more sense. Thanks!!
(11:30:35 AM) ke4qqq: chartij: talk to sdziallas 
(11:30:42 AM) ke4qqq: he is sugar on a stick
(11:30:45 AM) ke4qqq: personified
(11:30:46 AM) ***sdziallas grins.
(11:30:50 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: np
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(11:31:22 AM) sdziallas: I'm... doing Sugar on a Stick, true. As in: building it.
(11:31:38 AM) chartij: so like, what's on it?
(11:31:54 AM) ke4qqq: chartij: he's also likely younger than all of you at allegheny. You've been working with fedora for 3 years??
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(11:32:27 AM) sdziallas: chartij: Sugar is a learning environment (have you heard about the 100$-laptop or the One Laptop Per Child Project?).
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(11:32:46 AM) torbett: Our group is working on release notes for the Fedora project and we are just starting to use it.  For you Fedora users, what do you think are the most important features of Fedora that we should include in our release notes?
(11:32:56 AM) sdziallas: chartij: is a good place to look for impressions. Basically, it's like your desktop, just targetted at learners.
(11:32:59 AM) patisserie is now known as payseua
(11:33:03 AM) ke4qqq: torbett: good question
(11:33:04 AM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: yup, three years is a good guess :)
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(11:33:23 AM) chartij: sdziallas: nope, but from the sound of it, it's making computers accessible for children?
(11:33:34 AM) watkinc: anyone else using twitter as a marketing thang?
(11:34:28 AM) sdziallas: chartij: yeah, in a way. they built a pretty stable laptop specifically targetted at educational use - and are shipping that to kids (in developing countries) all over the world.
(11:34:38 AM) gthom: To fedora peeps, my group and i r working on feature profiles, but I at least am having trouble choosing. Any profile you guys want to see us work on?
(11:34:40 AM) muccic: hi chartij, are you doing work with spins right now?  
(11:34:56 AM) sdziallas: chartij: and the relationship of that to Sugar on a Stick (to which I mostly refer as SoaS, so don't be surprised) is that Sugar was the environment running on these laptops, too.
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(11:35:18 AM) chartij: ok so the link you sent me is literally what it looks like
(11:35:21 AM) mchua: ~.
(11:35:27 AM) ke4qqq: watkinc: I invited some mktg people to join
(11:35:28 AM) sdziallas: mchua: :)
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(11:35:39 AM) ***mchua groans. Sometimes my screen locks up when I switch access points.
(11:35:53 AM) mchua: Anyway, I *think* everyone in class is in this channel now, I'm going to try going around team-by-team...
(11:36:07 AM) sdziallas: chartij: yup - there's also a video on that webpage...
(11:36:19 AM) ke4qqq: torbett: typically -devel tells us what's important for each release. 
(11:36:21 AM) chartij: i clicked it but it didn't work :(
(11:36:22 AM) mchua: gthom: In answer to your question - have you found the list of talking points? If not, I can find you the link.
(11:36:23 AM) muccic: Hi gthom. what kind of help do you need for your project?  
(11:36:50 AM) DEiben: ke4qqq: where do we find devel?
(11:37:12 AM) mchua: gthom: here we go - has a list of some stuff that we think is cool that's coming out in F13... does anything in there look particularly interesting to you?
(11:37:15 AM) sdziallas: chartij: mhm, looks like somebody put it up there in a strange format. let me get you something real.
(11:37:23 AM) ke4qqq: torbett:  
(11:37:40 AM) gthom: muccic: for now we just need a place to start.   mchua: i have that up, but am bogged down a little in that I don't know what any of these are
(11:37:49 AM) ke4qqq: torbett: but be warned it is a deluge
(11:37:49 AM) mchua: gthom: (if the answer is "I don't know what any of these words mean," that's *great* - it means that you've alerted us to the need to rewrite talking points so they are human-readable.")
(11:37:50 AM) sdziallas: chartij:
(11:38:07 AM) chartij: thanks, here goes
(11:38:13 AM) mchua: gthom: Where are you in the classroom? I'll come around and help your group get started.
(11:38:21 AM) muccic: Gthom: thanks, i didn't realize you were a student 
(11:38:28 AM) ***mchua going to put a list of teams up on the board first to make sure we hit everyone by the end of the period (45min)
(11:38:48 AM) gthom: mchua: am in the back
(11:39:27 AM) ke4qqq: torbett: and can be bewildering for the unitiated
(11:40:01 AM) mchua: gthom: can you wave?
(11:40:16 AM) ***mchua will be right over.
(11:40:16 AM) muccic: hi mchua, are the list of talking points that you put a link to the same thing as tickets?
(11:40:29 AM) ke4qqq: muccic: no
(11:40:37 AM) muccic: ok
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(11:42:07 AM) mchua_projector: I'm going to be moving from team to team around the classroom.
(11:42:08 AM) ke4qqq: ohhh netsplit
(11:42:18 AM) ***sdziallas grins.
(11:42:23 AM) mchua_projector: If you are *totally* confused at *any* point, please raise your hands and wave wildly.
(11:42:26 AM) mchua_projector: I'll come around.
(11:42:35 AM) ***ke4qqq imagines a see of hands waving
(11:42:37 AM) ke4qqq: sea
(11:42:45 AM) ke4qqq: even
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(11:42:50 AM) sdziallas: mchua_projector: *hectical waving*
(11:44:30 AM) chartij: sdziallas: i think i get it, but what specifically are you working on?\
(11:44:38 AM) DarrenMiller [] entered the room.
(11:45:19 AM) ***ke4qqq smiles at chartij's question 
(11:45:30 AM) DarrenMiller: yay. one of the other teachers finally gets into the chat room. you all finding what you need?
(11:45:43 AM) sdziallas: chartij: okay, so... I'm the one who composes Sugar on a Stick. So to use SoaS, you download an .iso file and throw it onto your usb stick. And... there's this .iso file because I executed a command and worked with other people to make it not break. ;)
(11:46:32 AM) sdziallas: I've been told it's "release engineering" -- it's not actually a lot of coding, but rather making sure everything's in shape and working and fixing stuff here and there.
(11:46:39 AM) ***sdziallas feels like what he's saying is vague.
(11:46:52 AM) chartij: .....mmk. so then this usb is given to kids with new computers?
(11:46:55 AM) ke4qqq: and he makes it sound simple, but it's actually quite a feat. Within Fedora itself - RHT pays a release engineer to do that type of thing full time that sdziallas is doing on his own. 
(11:46:56 AM) sdziallas: (feel free to beat me to a more detailed description ;)
(11:47:22 AM) sdziallas: chartij: the advantage is that it works with *any* machine (or is supposed to, at least)
(11:47:27 AM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: :)
(11:47:54 AM) sdziallas: chartij: so the idea is that you don't need to get a whole laptop, but can just plug the usb stick in whatever machine is around right now.
(11:48:07 AM) sdziallas: chartij: and it still saves your data and work on the usb stick.
(11:48:12 AM) DarrenMiller: sdziallas: you're rockin and rolling! thanks for listening and answering.
(11:48:12 AM) chartij: oooooo!
(11:48:28 AM) sdziallas: chartij: so you've basically your own, personalized learning environment on a stick.
(11:48:41 AM) chartij: ok so SoaS needs a webpage? is this correct?
(11:48:50 AM) sdziallas: DarrenMiller: I'm very happy to be here :)
(11:48:52 AM) ke4qqq: mchua_projector: #action mchua to burn some SoaS USB sticks for that group to play with
(11:48:56 AM) sdziallas: chartij: yup, that's true!
(11:49:03 AM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: +1!
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(11:49:09 AM) sdziallas: mchua_projector: (if it doesn't work, yell at me)
(11:49:21 AM) sdziallas: chartij: we've this (link incoming, hang on) right now...
(11:49:33 AM) sdziallas: chartij:
(11:49:56 AM) chartij: another question...when you plug the usb in, do you have to download anything? like how does it go from a regular comp to your personalized thingamajig?
(11:50:01 AM) torbett: what is the chat room for the marketing group so that we could talk with them as well?
(11:50:02 AM) sdziallas: chartij: but the idea is (as far as I know) to get something like this:
(11:50:07 AM) muccic: Hi sdziallas, thanks for the nice description, do you mean that sugar on a stick needs a webpage other than its page on the fedora website??
(11:50:15 AM) ke4qqq: torbett: type /join #fedora-mktg
(11:50:18 AM) DarrenMiller: mchua: yes, USB sticks to play with sounds good. I would beta test one of those just for fun
(11:50:27 AM) torbett: ke4qqq: thanks
(11:50:37 AM) ke4qqq: torbett: np
(11:50:52 AM) sdziallas: chartij: there's a whole Linux operating system on the stick - with Sugar on top of it - so it simply boots that instead of whatever is installed on the computer.
(11:51:00 AM) tcorc: /join #fedora-mktg
(11:51:10 AM) ke4qqq: tcorc: no leading space
(11:51:15 AM) sdziallas: chartij: and because it saves your work on the stick, you can basically plug it in whereever you want.
(11:51:34 AM) sdziallas: muccic: well, there's no real... shiny landing page, yet :)
(11:51:35 AM) chartij: got it 8-) so how could i go about starting a webpage for this
(11:51:47 AM) ShanWade: hello again! so i read up on the Design Suite and i understand what its purpose is, but i feel intimidated by all the technical jargon and right now i'm not sure how i can help >.< any suggestions/people i can contact who are working on it?
(11:52:06 AM) sdziallas: muccic: we've only stuff in the wikis...
(11:52:16 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: so start with me - but you'll probably need/want to talk with nicu and mizmo, and sdziallas 
(11:52:23 AM) muccic: oh ok.
(11:52:28 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: lets start with terms you don't understand
(11:52:47 AM) watkinc: fail
(11:52:58 AM) ShanWade: okay
(11:52:58 AM) ***ke4qqq is expecting that you'll rewrite these sections so they are more understandable
(11:53:33 AM) sdziallas: chartij: so I'm not entirely sure of the process myself -- mchua might also know more -- but for example there's a Fedora Website group (they also have an IRC channel)... they might have a template to get something like that Fedora Electronic Lab site off the ground.
(11:53:33 AM) DEiben: can we register for the marketing chat??
(11:53:52 AM) ke4qqq: mchua_projector: are they not already registered with freenode?
(11:54:16 AM) watkinc: pretty sure were not T_T
(11:54:29 AM) torbett: ke4qqq: we're registered with freenode, but it won't let me in the marketing chat room
(11:54:33 AM) chartij: good deal, would you by chance know the channel for me to join?
(11:54:54 AM) sdziallas: chartij: I think it's #fedora-websites, but let me double-check.
(11:55:03 AM) ke4qqq: torbett: what does it say??
(11:55:08 AM) rbergeron [] entered the room.
(11:55:09 AM) watkinc: #fedora-websites
(11:55:15 AM) watkinc: woops
(11:55:20 AM) ke4qqq: rbergeron: can you work with torbett 
(11:55:29 AM) ke4qqq: he's having problems getting into #f-m
(11:55:41 AM) rbergeron: fedora-meetings?
(11:55:41 AM) ***ke4qqq assumes gender - and apologizes if wrong
(11:55:44 AM) ke4qqq: mktg
(11:55:46 AM) starzej: is there a specific chatroom for feature profiles?
(11:55:47 AM) sdziallas: chartij: says it's #fedora-websites
(11:55:52 AM) rbergeron: oh, you mean.. where i am all day
(11:55:54 AM) sdziallas: hey rbergeron ;)
(11:55:57 AM) ke4qqq: starzej: that will be #fedora-mktg
(11:55:59 AM) ***rbergeron is still waking up
(11:56:00 AM) rbergeron: lol
(11:56:08 AM) rbergeron: sure thing
(11:56:20 AM) torbett: ke4qqq: it says cannot join, registration required.  and you guessed the gender right
(11:56:22 AM) ke4qqq: rbergeron: tnx
(11:56:36 AM) chartij: gracias!
(11:56:36 AM) rbergeron: ahhh
(11:56:37 AM) ke4qqq: rbergeron: ^^
(11:56:46 AM) sdziallas: chartij: de nada ;)
(11:56:52 AM) rbergeron: mchua, ke4qqq: have we gone through the registration process with nickserv yet?
(11:56:55 AM) ke4qqq: can you make sure they are reged, ided and etc 
(11:56:59 AM) ke4qqq: rbergeron: they say they have
(11:57:08 AM) ShanWade: ohhh i think i had a revelation. instead of trying to figure out this website <> it would be more helpful for me to download the current version of the spin page and give feedback?
(11:57:15 AM) rbergeron: ahhh
(11:57:21 AM) ShanWade: ....maybe? 
(11:57:39 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: feedback on what?
(11:57:53 AM) mchua: Okay, done talking with the feature profiles group.
(11:57:55 AM) mchua: Who's next?
(11:58:00 AM) ShanWade: on how it is now and what improvements could be made to make it more user friendly
(11:58:02 AM) bocchim: in regards to the press kit, does anyone know if we're looking to detail new features, or just the general awesomeness of fedora?
(11:58:06 AM) sdziallas: mchua: me! me! ;)
(11:58:08 AM) watkinc: twitter!
(11:58:08 AM) mchua: I'll also be around for a while after class in case teams want to ask questions then, and online (on this IRC channel) just about 24/7, for the record.
(11:58:29 AM) mchua: sdziallas: :P After class.
(11:58:42 AM) sdziallas: mchua: *grumble* *mutter* okay :)
(11:58:49 AM) shonhold: mchua: could you also help the one page release notes group next?
(11:59:03 AM) EHemmis:  I am on the design spin team as well.  From what I understand, we are supposed to create a spin about the features that will appeal to people interested in creating art and so on, right?...what would this be?
(11:59:07 AM) You are now known as jadudm
(11:59:11 AM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: so let me see if I can put this politely - suggestions are welcome - if you are willing to do the work to make them happen..... but otherwise they end up just being noise, generally. All of this is done as either a part of peoples dayjob or as a volunteer
(11:59:21 AM) ***jadudm thanks the Fedora teams. Ya'll are awesome.
(11:59:56 AM) nedz34 left the room.
(12:00:00 PM) ***ke4qqq thinks that jadudm typed that before he saw my response :) 
(12:00:23 PM) jadudm: ke4qqq: Nope. That's how open projects work. It's a true answer. That's all we ask for.
(12:00:31 PM) sdziallas: ShanWade, EHemmis: I'm not entirely aware of your task, so jadudm might be able to tell more, but as far as I know, it also concerns the creation of a website, right?
(12:01:18 PM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: ask mchua to explain bikeshedding to you
(12:01:24 PM) ShanWade: ke4qqq: i totally understand and i'm willing to help, i'm just worried that my lack of program developing skills would prevent me being able to make them happen (if that makes sense?)
(12:01:26 PM) ShanWade: okay will do.
(12:01:30 PM) ShanWade: thanks so much!
(12:01:32 PM) muccic: The main objective was to ensure that all the opensource EDA tools can exchange data between them (ensuring at least a basic design flow)
(12:01:57 PM) muccic: sorry dont pay attn to that last post
ShanWade shonhold 
(12:02:27 PM) rbergeron: hi sdziallas, btw :)
(12:02:30 PM) jadudm: sdziallas: Where can we get an image for the Design Spin? I think that's part of what ShanWade and EHemmis are struggling with. That is, they know what they need to do, but not what to do it with.
(12:02:33 PM) ke4qqq: ShanWade: I wouldn't worry about that - jump in and do what you can, part of the process is realizing that you don't know enough - and then figuring out how to fix that problem.
(12:02:42 PM) ***sdziallas grins. hi rbergeron.
(12:02:52 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: there are shiny nightly composes (let me get you a link)
(12:02:54 PM) ***rbergeron is slooooooooowboat today.
(12:02:56 PM) muccic: sdziallas: what does it mean to have a "basic design flow" between all the opensource tools?
(12:03:12 PM) jadudm: muccic: Something like this...
(12:03:12 PM) ShanWade: ke4qqq: okay. gotcha. =)
(12:03:26 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: I just slimmed it down to fit a CD last night, so the current compose is still a little oversized.
(12:03:30 PM) jadudm: muccic: You might start with a photo, and do some cropping and basic color correction in the Gimp.
(12:03:39 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: (by 6M, afacs)
(12:03:40 PM) jadudm: muccic: Then, you might use Inkscape to do lines and other "vector" graphics.
(12:03:51 PM) muccic: does that mean that all of the apps on fedora can share data with each other, and somehow come together a functional operating system?
(12:03:55 PM) jadudm: muccic: We refer to this sequence of apps as a "flow".
(12:04:03 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: that's going to be fixed in tonight's compose. if you're going for a VM, it shouldn't matter, though.
(12:04:17 PM) jadudm: muccic: Sorta. More just that you use one program after another. Regardless of operating system, we refer to that as a "flow"
(12:04:21 PM) sdziallas: here are the Design Suite builds:
(12:04:35 PM) jadudm: sdziallas: thanks. I'll help them get rolling on a VirtualBox install of a design spin.
(12:04:47 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: whoa, awesome!
(12:05:00 PM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: btw, you did the presskit work at the FAD for the design suite, right?
(12:05:10 PM) jadudm: sdziallas: As a heads up to you (and others) that is part of the point of having me, Darren available on-the-ground.
(12:05:17 PM) muccic: jadudm: so that just means making sure users can have access to all the fedora programs at any given time?
(12:05:20 PM) jadudm: sdziallas: If a team could use that kind of support, give a shout.
(12:05:20 PM) ke4qqq: sdziallas: yes
(12:05:21 PM) DarrenMiller: mucci and mjadud: flow or workflow is an essential part of working with images in the digital realm
(12:05:36 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: I will; cool! ;)
(12:05:38 PM) jadudm: muccic: Ah. Yes. Ask DarrenMiller. :)
(12:05:44 PM) DarrenMiller: muccic and mjadud: here's an analogy -- you build a foundation before you build a house
(12:05:50 PM) jadudm: DarrenMiller: If you hit "tab" in the middle of typing a username in chat, it will finish it automatically.
(12:05:50 PM) muccic: ok
(12:05:58 PM) DarrenMiller: oh nice
(12:06:02 PM) DarrenMiller: thanks mjadud
(12:06:11 PM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: cool stuff! (I'm hoping that we've a final package selection by today)
(12:06:20 PM) ke4qqq: sdziallas: awesome
(12:06:23 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: actually, we're already in CD size (so nvm the above comments)
(12:06:45 PM) sdziallas: ke4qqq: (so we do, in fact)
(12:07:43 PM) gthom: anyone here especially knowledgeable of the color management feature?
(12:07:52 PM) arbabs: Hey marketing folks. with the press kit, where should the focus be? Would it be more helpful to focus on new features? 
(12:08:22 PM) jadudm: mchua: is this logged? Or, are you able to paste this convo somewhere? I want to have that link sdziallas sent.
(12:08:35 PM) ***ke4qqq hopes that meetbot is running
(12:08:59 PM) jadudm: ke4qqq: If not, Mel's client was logged in for all of it. We'll paste it so the students don't loose everything.
(12:09:10 PM) sdziallas: jadudm: for more details, this has also the link and a couple of other notes:
(12:09:17 PM) ke4qqq: .startmeeting
(12:09:19 PM) jadudm: sdziallas: awesome. thanks.
(12:09:28 PM) rbergeron: arbabs: here are a few ideas -
(12:09:32 PM) jadudm: ke4qqq: we'll be leaving in five, roughly.
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(12:09:38 PM) rbergeron: arbabs: take a look at
(12:09:39 PM) ke4qqq: jadudm: k
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(12:09:56 PM) ke4qqq: the mass exodus has started :) 
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(12:10:03 PM) ***sdziallas grins, waves.
(12:10:04 PM) arbabs: thank you
(12:10:13 PM) rbergeron: and also - 
(12:10:27 PM) ShanWade: thanks so much! =D
(12:10:34 PM) rbergeron: arbabs: that is what wonderer is workign on right now (his name is henrik) - as far as press-kit stuff
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(12:10:52 PM) rbergeron: arbabs: a few suggestions would be to look at the actual press_kit wiki page.... link coming in a second
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(12:11:14 PM) rbergeron: arbabs:
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(12:11:41 PM) rbergeron: arbabs: a suggestion - we need to make a press-kit page for F13 that accompanies the USB key.
(12:11:48 PM) rbergeron: arbabs:
(12:11:59 PM) rbergeron: look at the "fedora 12 press kit" - in PDF format
(12:12:01 PM) rbergeron: on that page -
(12:12:13 PM) ***ke4qqq watches the task list for arbabs pile up :)
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(12:12:24 PM) rbergeron: putting together a draft of that for F13 would be great - even just the text.
(12:12:35 PM) starzej left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(12:12:39 PM) rbergeron: because that will be a piece of the press kit - and nobody's on it yet.
(12:13:01 PM) rbergeron: feel free to email the marketing list if you have questions - i know you guys are getting out of class :)
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(12:13:49 PM) DarrenMiller: art/tech activism students: look for an email and updateed wiki later today
(12:13:50 PM) DarrenMiller: thank you
(12:13:50 PM) DarrenMiller: 1\
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(12:14:01 PM) DarrenMiller: :)
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(12:14:22 PM) jadudm: Okay, folks - class is over (as the Fedora people may have guessed).
(12:14:30 PM) jadudm: (whoops. This is Mel, on the projector machine.)
(12:14:39 PM) ke4qqq: hi mel
(12:14:44 PM) ke4qqq: was meetbot running?
(12:14:48 PM) jadudm: I (Mel) am going to round up a bit of stuff from class, and then come back to the channel to take any questions here...
(12:15:00 PM) ***ke4qqq retracts his question
(12:16:10 PM) ke4qqq: #info there were problems with registration
(12:16:53 PM) ***ke4qqq suspects they weren't identified
(12:17:33 PM) ***sdziallas nods.
(12:18:06 PM) ke4qqq: #info we need to have meetbot running (/me didn't even see meetbot in chan)
(12:18:37 PM) sdziallas: maybe the folks in #fedora-admin can get us one here?
(12:20:55 PM) ke4qqq: yeah I'll work on that
(12:21:04 PM) sdziallas: cool!
(12:23:41 PM) zodbot [~supybot@fedora/bot/zodbot] entered the room.
(12:23:50 PM) sdziallas: yay!
(12:23:53 PM) ke4qqq: awesome
(12:42:25 PM) jadudm: (This is Mel. I'm about to turn off the projector and go back to my laptop. Student questions have ceased, I'm finally in an empty classroom. Phew.)