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We think Fedora-My principle is good to applied in Fedora-Id, so for temporary we are using the same Principle with a slight modifications.

  • Fedora Indonesia Team (fedora-id) works in a leaderless model where all members are treated equally.
  • There are no organizational structure, nobody is of higher authority than the others.
  • Whoever proposes a project (event, activities, etc), the person champion and lead it, and may recruit others from the community to help out. Others from the community should not stop the proposer, unless the project is a totally bad idea. Projects may have its own leadership model, separate from fedora-id.
  • Whoever successfully finished a project, the person rightfully owns all the credits for what they did
  • Contributors who belongs to any Fedora groups (Ambassadors, Packager, Translator, etc), should work together with the global group.
  • Any discussions ideally are to be done transparently.
  • Follow existing Fedora guidelines whereever possible
  • Respect is gained through merit, and not position.