From Fedora Project Wiki 2009 2009 is Malaysia’s premier Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from Malaysia, Singapore, Asia and the rest of the world for a two day grassroots driven FOSS conference.

When and Where

Date : 24 to 25th October 2009

Place : Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) Malaysia

Ambassadors In Charge

Event Contributors


Fedora-my Birds of a Feather Session 24th October 2009. Time : 1030 - 1315

This is by no means a confirmed event schdule. Please Add/Edit as fit.

No. Topic Duration Speaker Notes
1 Freedom, Friends, Features, First 30 mins Haresh Singh Fedora is not a hat you wear.
2 Tricking out F11 for everyday use 30 mins Jayaseelan Yezhuarlai installation guide for beginners.
3 Contributing to Fedora 30 mins Syamsul Anuar ways to contribute to fedoraproject.
4 F12 Showcase (tentative/ depending on BETA release) 30 mins Ahmad Zulkarnain Preview of F12. Refer to here


  • 2 is sort like a mini install fest guided by more experienced fedorans.
  • If possible finalize schedule before 22 October 2009 to allow material preparations.


  • Prepare presentation materials
  • Demo machine pre-installed with Fedora 12 Beta.


  • Machine with KVM/VirtualBox for items 2 and 4


! Item Quantity Cost per unit Total Cost Person in charge Note
Fedora 11 LiveCD 140 - - wariola Red Hat Singapore will deliver it to me. 140pcs for MYGOSSCON and
Fedora 11 DVD ???? ???? ???? ????
Fedora Stickers ???? ???? ???? I'll print some (Izhar)
Fedora Banners 3 - - wariola Will pickup from Pang Red Hat