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susmit your wiki names please.
susmit SusmitShannigrahi
techbugs SiddharthUpmanyu
omshanti GopalDas
rahmanangel AshiqurRahman
maktrix MahayAlamKhan
kanarip JeroenVanMeeuwen
KevinVerma KevinVerma
susmit please follow the protocol
susmit agenda is here
hanthana DanishkaNavin
heherson HehersonPagcaliwagan
susmit anyone else here?
susmit First agenda Freemedia
techbugs !
susmit techbugs
techbugs Hi all SiddharthUpmanyu here.. For the region we are very much lacking in the freemedia distribution due to lack of resuorces(obvious )
hanthana +1
techbugs now i have one change in the pattern which we ship DVDs which can help in improving situation
susmit techbugs, what pattern do you suggest?
techbugs we can have a meeting before every months opening and check with locations of fedora ambassadors ... when we get a request from the same location we forward the request to the abmassador in that place
techbugs the ambassador can choose to contact the request owners and ask them to get a blank media and get it burned directly
rahmanangel +1
maktrix +1
techbugs this can work because we have major requests coming from very few cities
techbugs like 800+ pending from FreeMedia India since last yesr whe have 400 from 5 cities
susmit any city wise division?
techbugs Chennai(100+) Bangalore (150+) Pune(60+) Delhi (60+) Colcata (80+)
susmit nice
hanthana !
techbugs a few more in the range of 40-50
susmit hanthana, if techbugs finished
hanthana this is ok for India, but in Sri Lanka I'm handling all, even out of the FreeMedia list
hanthana coz, I can't say NO for them
hanthana most of them from Academia
susmit You said about connecting all them to backbone
susmit so that my lower the requests
susmit may
heherson !
susmit heherson
heherson how is the backbone to be setup?
heherson eof
susmit backbone is generally existing...may be some isp's or gov's
susmit how about users sending blank media to ambassadors? we take up shipping cost?
hanthana !
susmit hanthana
hanthana its not good, with comparing to Ubuntu
hanthana there are not asking a blank DVD or a single CD
techbugs !
susmit techbugs
hanthana dude, this is a kind of competetion
hanthana eof
techbugs ubuntu follows very different path.. it is heavily funded by one man...
susmit techbugs +1
hanthana !
techbugs we are not in any comparision with ububtu
techbugs eof
susmit hanthana
hanthana why RH can't funding for Fedora
* nim-nim (n=nim-nim@fedora/nim-nim) has joined #fedora-meeting
hanthana I mean -- for the distribution
susmit any RH representative here? :)
hanthana at least for Developping countries
hanthana yes
hanthana I can see few RH employees
iWolf !
hanthana but not sure about managers ;)
susmit iWolf
KevinVerma do you mean funding for media shipping ?
hanthana !
iWolf I am *not* an RH employee, so I speak only for myself. RH does do a lot to help support the Fedora Project, provides servers, bandwidth and pays people to work in key pieces of the project.
techbugs +1
iWolf They can only do so much, and where they can't help out it is up to the community to help step up.
KevinVerma +1 iwolf
susmit +1, we may ask Famsco instead
iWolf We do have a budget for events, so Fedora can help you there.
iWolf eof
susmit hanthana
hanthana as RHEL is taking feed back from the Fedora users and contributors,
hanthana they must fund for both media and shipping at least for developping countries.
techbugs !
hanthana for example; RH - India can fund for India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, etc
KevinVerma in developing countries we should also explore other means than just shipping media
susmit well, Fedora is a community effort of which RH is a part.
maktrix +1
susmit techbugs
techbugs can be a debate point but currently this kind of discussion is out of our scope :) we can focus on what we have got...
techbugs eof
susmit techbugs +1, leave RH out of discussion at this moment.
iWolf techbugs: +1
KevinVerma +1
omshanti !
susmit omshanti
heherson !
omshanti blank media and return envelop solution can be taken for the time being
techbugs and help of local ambassadors
susmit well, how about we provide shipping charge?
iWolf !
susmit iWolf
iWolf If you provide shipping charge for the blank media to you, aren't you further ahead to pay for the blank media and only need to ship it once?
iWolf eof
susmit INR 10 compared to INR 30
susmit :)
iWolf ah, okay. :)
omshanti !
susmit How about we accept donations in terms of media? not money.. iWolf?
susmit I got a few people interested in making donations of media
iWolf I would think if people have media they want to give to the cause, that would be good.
omshanti !
KevinVerma money will be easy to manage and re-dist within Ambassadors, imho
techbugs !
susmit But ambassaors can not accept money
susmit onshanti
omshanti !
susmit omshanti
KevinVerma project can ?
omshanti they can send the postal stamp inside the return envelop along with the black media
KevinVerma donations*
susmit project can IMO...iWolf?
omshanti we can request them to send postal stamp inside the return envelop
hanthana !
omshanti and when we return them we just have to stick them
iWolf Fedora Project isn't set up to really accept donations. That is one of the reasons the EMEA group setup thei own organization, so they could work easier with cases like this.
susmit omshanti, is not that same ?
susmit techbugs
omshanti kind and money is not same
techbugs we can setup a fund for the reagion like EMEA and accept inflows in it ... then distribution to ambassadors
techbugs eof
susmit hanthana after techbugs finishes
hanthana Anuj pls read this
susmit +1
hanthana What is this FreeMedia or Stamp Media.. :(
susmit I meant techbugs +1
hanthana ;)
heherson +1 techbugs
hanthana eof
hanthana techbugs, +1
rahmanangel +1 techbugs
techbugs any suggestions regarding hoto
techbugs howto
iWolf !
susmit iWolf
iWolf The local laws for your region will control how you would setup something similar to EMEA. That will be different. I am sure the EMEA folks could offer some basic advice and things to take into consideration.
iWolf Also, techbugs said it best earlier, for now - work with what you have.
iWolf You guys are doing great by starting your meetings up and making those first steps to getting organized.
iWolf eof
susmit lets set up a wiki page on that and work on it...
susmit for the time being
techbugs !
susmit lets accept as much free requests as we can...may be fixed by a meeting at the end of a month
iWolf +1
susmit rest will required to send media
omshanti +1
susmit techbugs
techbugs can we have a country wise representation in todays meeting.. please state your country name.... i am asking this so that we can form initial groups who can take responsibility for setting up teams and coordination forcoming menths
techbugs India eof
heherson Philippines eof
maktrix Bangladesh
susmit India
rahmanangel Bangladesh
hanthana Sri Lanka eof
omshanti India
susmit anyone else?
susmit So whats the decision?
susmit shall we go forward with media to be sent by requesting person?
susmit please vote
susmit +1
maktrix +1
hanthana -1
omshanti +1
techbugs if we cant do it by anyother wayy (local help or contribution) +1
rahmanangel techbugs +1
heherson for now +1
susmit ok then we go forward with it for this month. techbugs can you create a draft wiki page on the proposals?
techbugs yap sure
susmit next agenda
susmit local events
hanthana !
susmit hanthana
hanthana why don't you try to keep this as rewally free project
techbugs !
hanthana *really
susmit techbugs
techbugs "Free as in beer" .... we just cant fund everything to make it look like free for the end users
techbugs eof
susmit exactly +1.
susmit hahthana
susmit what do you think is better?
susmit having 1200 pending requests or
susmit do as much as we can....
hanthana that why I asked to fund from RH
heherson !
susmit well, time is running out...we may discuss more on mailing list
iWolf +1
susmit next agenda please
maktrix +1
hanthana :P
omshanti +1
susmit fedora events
hanthana !
susmit we are not having _any_ event here
susmit famsco have money allocated for it...but we can not take it :(
susmit hanthana
hanthana DO YOU going to ask DVD and stamp from all 1200 people
hanthana it wasn't in the request page, at that time,
hanthana at least for now do your own... please
maktrix !
susmit maktrix
maktrix can FAMSCO disburse funding in Bangladesh ?
susmit sure...iWolf?
iWolf !
susmit iWolf
iWolf FAmSCO has funding for events.
maktrix we have plenty of opportunity to participate eof
iWolf we have some money set aside for the APAC region. To receive money there needs to be an event on the Fedora Events page in the wiki.
iWolf So, if you know of an event, someone would need to own the event, add it to the Fedora Events page and begin planning.
maktrix !
iWolf We are handling it in quarters
iWolf based on RH fiscal year.
hanthana !
iWolf so for this first quarter (ends at the end of May) we are sort of going ad hoc.
susmit the problem is Ambassadors go to the events, but don't ask for support or list them.
maktrix !
susmit maktrix
iWolf To be considered for 2nd quarter the event needs to be listed on the Fedora Events page by May 1st.
iWolf eof
susmit iWolf, thanks :)
maktrix if an easy to request webform for event reporting and or support asking can be setup would be fine
maktrix eof
iWolf !
susmit iWolf
iWolf For event reporting, we cover that in the Reporting guidelines - we want to see posts to a blog that is on Fedora Planet and an email to the Ambassadors list. That is so we can make sure people worldwide can see and hear about the activity.
iWolf eof
susmit asking swags/money have a webpage
susmit but reporing have not
iWolf susmit: for asking for money, the event just needs and owner and to be listed on the Fedora Events page. That is what FAmSCo uses when we look at what events need funding.
susmit Exactly
omshanti !
susmit so why don't we make ALL events we go to as a fedora event?
susmit lets do it from now
hanthana !
susmit onshanti
susmit omshanti
omshanti thanks iWolf what is the procedure to receive the funds
susmit hanthana
hanthana iWolf, in Sri Lanka we have FOSS events in each month,
hanthana but more people used to be with ubntu...
hanthana but I'm talking about Fedora only
hanthana so, is it possible to fund for such an event, by Media, notes,etc
hanthana NOT money.. :D
hanthana eof
susmit sure
susmit there is webform for the same
iWolf !
susmit iWolf
iWolf omshanti: when an event is listed on the Events page with an owner we will work with you to see how much funding is available
iWolf Also, with the release of Fedora 9, don't forget we have limited funding for sponsoring the first 10 release parties as announced here:
iWolf eof
omshanti thanks iWolf
hanthana !
susmit thanks..I will take care of creating a easy reporting web-form. So we don't miss any event
susmit hanthana
hanthana i need a answer from iWolf
hanthana we address nearly 50 -100 students per an event
iWolf hanthana: the money for events is already in the budget Fedora Project has.
iWolf hanthana: it isn't a case of Fedora Project accepting a donation necessarily.
hanthana iWolf, do you have any issue, if other ppl from ubuntu,etc
hanthana iWolf, coz, I dont want to suck Fedora funds
iWolf hanthana: your events sound great, we don't mind if ubuntu is there or not.
iWolf hanthana: we have had shared release parties in the past, so a combined event is not an issue.
hanthana iWolf, thats why I told you the truth
hanthana iWolf, thanks :)
susmit next
susmit we also need to create a event database....please list all your regional events and timing.
susmit anyone willing to create a wiki page for that?
susmit we finish in 10 minutes.
hanthana susmit, can we move with existing event page?
hanthana do we need a separate one for APAC ?
susmit A page for APAC will be great
iWolf hanthana: there is a section for APAC on the existing Fedora Event page.
susmit iWold sure it is.
hanthana iWolf, susmit ok lets go ahead with it
hanthana :)
iWolf !
susmit but I am talking about ALL that ambassadors look at the page and decide if they can attend that or not..
susmit iWolf
iWolf do remember that the budget is limited, so if APAC comes up with 100 events, we won't be able to fund all of them.
iWolf Here is the budget page if youhave not seen it before.
susmit Seen it
hanthana seen it
iWolf we can of course work with you to determine which events need funding.
iWolf eof
susmit but we have no event in any quarter and we have a lot of users and contributors!!!
susmit so as we said we may discuss about what events need funding
iWolf susmit: agreed. we (famsco) would love to see events from the APAC region.
hanthana !
susmit hanthana
iWolf don't forget, we have some release party funds too... ;)
hanthana we have such event in Sri Lanka :)
hanthana in each and every month
hanthana eof
susmit why don't you list them?
hanthana I didn't due to mixing issue
hanthana now onwards I can do it
rahmanangel !
susmit As iWolf famsco can not support a numbers of events...but as long as are ready to do it
susmit rahmanangel
hanthana yeah
maktrix !
rahmanangel This month we have ubuntu release party in bangladesh for first time
susmit Why don't you arrenge for an fedora release party?
susmit arrange
hanthana +1
iWolf +1
maktrix -1
susmit maktrix
hanthana rahmanangel, do it dude
susmit maktrix why nit?
maktrix am not aware of it...
susmit not?
maktrix haven't heard of any
susmit unaware of what?
rahmanangel as iWolf told we have had shared release parties in the past, we can go with them arenge a shared party
maktrix Ankur Bangladesh ( ) is a having a install fest for Fedora9 next month, Can weincorporate with them and have a release party
susmit Or we may have both?
susmit why not both?
susmit we finish in 5 minutes
hanthana If you performed well you can win
hanthana if F9 performed well no issue at all
susmit maktrix, rahmanangel?
susmit lets go for both
maktrix +1
rahmanangel +1
susmit nice
hanthana yeah
susmit anyone have anything more to say?
susmit we have some pending agenda...will discuss at later meeting.
susmit noone?
susmit so thanks everyone....
susmit thanks iWolf
omshanti thank you susmit and everybody
hanthana susmit, mirror??
iWolf susmit: you're welcome. thanks for leading the meeting
hanthana !
susmit hanthana
hanthana at the moment Im working on Fedora private mirrors for accademia.
hanthana 01. Fedora customized mirror for the University VPN - LEARN
hanthana 02. Fedora mirror for the schoolnet - VPN of the schools of the Sri Lanka
hanthana Moreover we are thinking on caching service too
hanthana after that we can move for a Public mirror
susmit yeah, a lot of pending issues remain
susmit we have to meet very soon again
hanthana iWolf, this is a long term plan for Fedora community
susmit may be next week?
hanthana susmit, tiker\y ;)
susmit pending issues
hanthana tikey
iWolf hanthana: that sounds like a great plan.
susmit mirrors
susmit marketing
iWolf hanthana: helps start the infrastructure for distribution.
susmit student partners
susmit press
susmit bulk media production
hanthana thanks iWolf
susmit so we will discuss at next meeting....
hanthana iWolf, I will do my best
hanthana +1
susmit good night and good morning and good evening, ;)
susmit see you all again
hanthana susmit, date N time ?
susmit will work on mailing list
hanthana sure
susmit bye everyone. Have a nice time :)
omshanti sya all take care
techbugs thanks all.. cya
rahmanangel Good night/morning/evening
hanthana iWolf, susmit omshanti maktrix rahmanangel heherson techbugs Thanks guys
maktrix valo thaken
hanthana have a nice day

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