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The Fedora Project wiki would like to thank these individuals for creating content that seeded the Anaconda portion of this wiki. As a wiki changes and evolves the original authors may be forgotten except for some sign post along the way. The dedicated list below created the original content for the Fedora Anaconda wiki. They started the task when the Fedora project was first being formulated by Red Hat. Special thanks go to Alexander Rau for supporting the original Fedora Anaconda wiki over the years. The site has been very intermental in answering questions on the Anaconda mailing lists.

  • Akbar Ahmed
  • Alexander Rau
  • Brian Long
  • Brett Schwarz
  • Forrest Taylor
  • James Martin
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Joseph Glass
  • Manilal K M
  • Patrick Devine
  • Paul Pianta