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Appendix C

Anaconda Binaries

2 FIX-ME It does not work for me. It seems to need the original comps file (not comps.xml). Talk to Jeremy about getting it removed or replaced.

  • filtermoddeps -- simple perl program to filter out module dependencies
  • genhdlist -- script that generated the hdlist (you must use the full path to your directories)
  • getkeymaps -- gets the keyboard maps
  • implantiosmd5/checkisomd5 -- scripts to implant/check the md5 sum used during installation to verify the discs mediacheck boot option)
  • -- some small unicode library
  • loader/ -- directory that contains the loader programs 2 FIX-ME list files in loader/
  •* -- script that makes the .discinfo
  • mapshdr* -- executable ??
  • mk-images* -- architecture-specific scripts that are called by buildinstall
  • mk-rescueimage.i386* -- creates the rescue image
  • moddeps -- modify dependencies?
  • modlist -- modify header list?
  • pkgorder -- creates a package order -- now called by buildinstall
  •* -- used by implantiosmd5/checkisomd5?
  • pythondeps* -- python dependencies
  • readmap* -- Read map?
  • screenfont-i386.gz* -- fonts for the installer?
  • scrubtree* -- scrub the installation tree -- called by buildinstall
  • [formerly splitdistro] -- used to split the distribution into discs
  • trimmodmap/trimpcitable* -- trim the modmap/pcitable?
  • [[upd-instroot] [upd-instroot] * -- called by buildinstall -- actual function??
  • build-fc -- runs the needed scripts to generate a distribution
  • mkdvd -- creates a DVD iso image
  • mkfedora-cd -- creates CD iso images
  • rpmupdates -- copies the new/updated RPMs in /fedora/new/new to the installation area and moves the old RPMs to /fedora/olddir.
  • /usr/share/comps-extra/ from comps-extras *-- useful for finding which CD a package is on.