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This information is old and not kept updated. Common bugs, including those pertaining to installation, can be found in the Fedora Common Bugs page

Common Bugs

These are commonly reported bugs against Anaconda for Fedora 7. If you are hitting one of these, please do not file it as we have already received plenty of reports for each. All of these bugs are fixed by the [wiki:Self:Anaconda/Updates updates.img] available for download from [1] .

  • 241975: Get localized release notes into the tree When installing in a language other than English, anaconda doesn't display any release notes. This is because it is looking for translated release notes which do not exist. The fix is to fall back to English release notes instead of displaying nothing.
  • 242073: Network mounts deleted from /etc/fstab On upgrades, the /etc/fstab file is read to know which filesystems to mount. At the end of the upgrade process, this file is written back out in case any filesystems were migrated from ext2 to ext3, among other reasons. However, anaconda was not writing outlines for NFS mounts because it did not understand this filesystem type. This has been fixed.
  • 242492: Kickstart installation from DVD image on hard drive fails When upgrading using kickstart and the hard drive installation method, anaconda refuses to continue. This is because of an error in checking that the user has provided the correct option for specifying which partition contains the ISO images. This has been fixed.