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XIV. 1. Adding Custom Screens to Anaconda

Patrick Devine posted on the anaconda-devel mailing list an example of adding custom screens to Anaconda. He used a new screen that asks for a floppy. His technique was used to create a new window class. The window class prompts for a floppy disk. Patrick called this change something like "floppycopy_[text|gui] .py" Patrick only provided a text mode example, but for the concept would be similar for a GUI screen.

This screen copies the /tmp/ks.cfg file to the floppy. You will need to change /tmp/ks.cfg to something meaningful. Alexander Rau enhanced the patches to include the use of Back/Cancel buttons. The patches also include GUI screens as well. Alexander used code from the bootdisk files along with Patrick's suggestions as well.

Anaconda Patches -- These patches are for anaconda. You can download the conglomeration of these patches here: [[%ATTACHURL%/floppycopy-anaconda.patch] [floppycopy-anaconda.patch]

[[DispatchPyPatch] []
[[FloppycopyGUIPyPatch] []
[[FloppycopyTextPyPatch] []
[[FloppyPyPatch] []
[[GuiPyPatch] []
[[InstallclassPyPatch] []
[[TextPyPatch] []

Anaconda Help Patches -- This patch is for anaconda-help. If you would like to have a little help screen for floppycopy during the installation, apply this patch.

[[AnacondaHelpPatch] [anaconda-help.patch]

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-- Main.AlexanderRau - 23 Jan 2004%BR%

  • [[%ATTACHURL%/floppycopy-anaconda.patch] [floppycopy-anaconda.patch] : Full Anaconda patch