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I do not accept Fedora media requests directly. Kindly request it through the FreeMedia program. If I accepetd your request and you did not receive your media (or your media was corrupt) kindly let me know. I shall try and re-send another. Kindly make sure you wait for at least 3 - 4 weeks before sending me an e-mail. Since I am going to grad school I am unable to fullfil your request in a timely fashion.
Requests for the month of October were sent out on October 15. Send an email if your media did not reach you by October 22. Thank you for your patience.

Aravind Seshadri

Contact: Send an email


GPG Key: FF01B81B

Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA


I'm Aravind Seshadri a graduate student from Oklahoma State University , Stillwater, Oklahoma. I am a Fedora Ambassador. I haven't really had a chance to work with other Ambassadors in any Fedora event but I am hoping to find an opportunity. Unfortunately I did not have time to work with the Ambassadors during the Ohio Linux Fest 2008. Hopefully I can do something next time. I try to help the community by contributing to the Fedora FreeMedia program.

Favorite Applications/Softwares

Desktop Environment: Openbox

Mail Client: Evolution

Web Browser: Epiphany, Firefox

FTP Client: Gftp

Image Manipulation: GIMP

Photo Management: f-spot

Vector Graphics: Inkscape

File Manager: Thunar

LaTeX Editor: Kile

Text Editor: gedit

Podcast Client: Gpodder

System Monitor: Conky

Dock: kooldock

Personal Finance: GNUcash