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EPEL repository admin information

This page has information for EPEL repository admins. These people must be in the Fedora Account System "epel_signers" group.

All new packages get pushed to "testing/5" (or 4) instead of "5" (or 4).

You can pass the repository you wish to operate on on the command line:

For example: EPEL testing/5 EPEL 5 EPEL testing/4 EPEL testing/5


The script will list the packages that would be operated on: EPEL 5

The script will move a package from testing to stable. EPEL 5 foo EPEL 5 foo bar baz

This moves all the src.rpm with %name and all the binaries build from it from "testing/5" to "5" and even writes a proper BuildReport.

For Security-updates that should go directly to stable there is a new option "--stable": EPEL 5 foo --stable

An "epel-push all" (with or without -c) detects changes and does all the requires steps (repobuild, repoprune, multilib etc.) to push the stuff out.