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New EPEL Meeting Time

There are discussions to move the EPEL meeting to a new date and time. We need to block out approximately one hour of time. In our current slot, we don't go over that limit (many of us have other meetings afterwards) but sometimes some of the participants stay to discuss alternatives later.

General notes:

  • 16:00UTC is the start of the workday on the US West Coast (9:00AM) so we'd either have to start later or much earlier.
  • In the winter months, most countries change their clocks by an hour to "conserve daylight". The current plan is to adjust the meeting time one UTC hour forward for the winter to keep the same relative localtimes. (If anyone knows how the dates vary in the countries we're from, that would be helpful for determining the exact date for these changeovers -- Wikipedia has some info .)
  • Time and Date Calculator for converting from your localtime to UTC.

Please add your vote for a time here. Use the syntax <first_letter_of_IRC_nick>[+] where adding your letter means you can make it at that time, adding your letter with a '+' means that you would prefer that time. We need a time that everyone can attend and hopefully a time that everyone will want to attend.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
0:00-6:00 Not good for Europe
7:00-14:00 Not good for US West Coast
14:00 UTC q+,j+ q,j+,n q,n q,j+,n q q,j+,n q,j
15:00 UTC q+,j+ q,j+,n q,n q,j+,n q q,j+,n q,j
16:00 UTC q+,j+ q+,j+,n+ q+,n+ q+,j+,n+ q+ q+,j,n+ q+,j
17:00 UTC q+,j+ q+,j+,n+ FPC q+,j+,n+ FESCo q+ q,j,n+
18:00 UTC j+ j+,n+ j,n+ j+,n+ j,n+ n j
19:00 UTC j j,n+ j,n+ j,n+ j,n+ n j
20:00-0:00 Not good for Europe
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat