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Weekly EPEL Summary

Week 32/2007

Most important happenings

  • Noting major

EPEL SIG Meeting


From the Steering Committee:

  • dgilmore (DennisGilmore)
  • knurd (ThorstenLeemhuis)
  • mmcgrath (MikeMcGrath)
  • Jeff_S (Jeff Sheltren) (very late ;-) )

Missing from the Steering Committee:

  • quaid (KarstenWade) (traveling)
  • nirik (KevinFenzi)
  • stahnma (MichaelStahnke)

Others that participated the meeting: warren, rsc


  • meetings
  • some discussions around the format; some quotes: "we maybe should do more stuff on the list and less in the meeting" "move meetings to every other week?" "seems we don't get all the important or interested people into the meeting so maybe doing them only every two week and instead finish some stuff on the list might be easier for everyone. Discuss this on the list further
  • new push scripts for pushing to testing, adjust mock configs to use testing -- dgilmore
  • still on the todo-list
  • branch for EPEL if Fedora maintainer does not react
  • some discussions if the wording is clear enough
  • yum for EPEL4
  • Jeff_S will investigate if it's possible to ship yum without a yum.conf

Full Log


Nothing new over the past days.