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My Fedora


When I was working for OLPC, I knew basically where to go to do stuff. For example, I'd go to Koji to check on my builds, and it was great until I had to push my builds. I had to go into IRC a couple of times to ask where I can go to push my builds when they were ready to go into an actual release. You have to go to Bohdi. It's a completely different application; it looks different. A lot of people kept asking me over and over again, "how do I do this? how do I do that?"

Why aren't these the same tool? It would take a long time to sit back and design these tools all together. We do not want to stop the productive train of these apps getting created. But we want to get in and create something that is an end-to-end solution where you can get your data in one place, go in and get the things you need to do done day-to-day. It might not be complete, it'll provide you with information on how to get things done and link you over centrally.

It's not tool-centric, instead looking at what the user wants to do and how they can do it. I want to be able to mash up the Fedora infrastructure applications and make the tools more easy to use. We want people to be able to get RSS feeds to get updates on how things are working for them. The applications aren't limited to what framework we've built this on. You could build an app in JBoss and we can display that information.

You have little applications that you can put into your Facebook. One person, one company, one group cannot think of every application that might be useful. To have multiple applications in one familiar site where you can get all the information you need, expands the use of your application. Also gives us the ability to collaborate with upstream; maybe we could tie into upstream package status to display that for downstream maintainers.

Current Status

We're doing a lot of infrastructure right now. We're flushing out the base APIs right now in Turbogears 2.0. I started in TG 1.0 but we've moved to 2.0.

We're working out the orbited backend for Fedora People so we can display the latest few Fedora People blog post topics. We'll have a Javascript API so you can write really easy applications that could be used in My Fedora. It'll be using standard datamodels like RSS and JSON so you could use any web-based programming language to contribute an application. It'll be possible to display these widgets on external sites as well. So there's an idea of having distributed applications, but running on our servers with our authentication.


  • Provide a very easy-to-use framework for implementing quick web applications
  • Make it easier for developers to work on Fedora