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Bags for french contributors / ambassadors

Deadline : 10th of March 2009

Names and quantities

Name Quantities Payment at booth Send payment
your name number Check if yes Check if yes
Emmanuel Seyman 1 Checkmark.png
Carlos Vassalo 2 Checkmark.png
Mathieu Gautier 1 Checkmark.png
Mathieu Bridon 1
Pierre-Yves Chibon 1
Nadège Michel 1
Tom Dubin 1
Souleyman Douar 1 Checkmark.png
Thomas Canniot 2 Checkmark.png
Maxime Carron 1 Checkmark.png
Guillaume Kulakowski 1 Checkmark.png
Wael Ammar 5 Checkmark.png
Armel Kermorvant 1 Checkmark.png
Remi Collet 1 Checkmark.png
Xavier Lamien 1 Checkmark.png