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Here are some thoughts put together by JesseKeating and DavidEisenstein on the current status of the Fedora Legacy project.

Fedora Legacy - status summary -- 2006-Jun-09 thru early Nov, 2006

  • What do we have?
  • What do we need?
  • Where are we going?

We have

A. A bad reputation (source: ... confirmation: ).

A. Ongoing security maintenance work for rhl7.3, rhl9 (ending at end of 2006), fc3, fc4.

A. Arguably an over-complex, cumbersome process documented and in-place for pushing out security updates for Maintenance Mode Fedora Core releases that indeed needs revamping, streamlining, and prettifying to encourage many more volunteers to pitch in (see discussion among the postings of the "lwn article on the death of Fedora Legacy" thread at , including some excellent posts by Jesse I M HO.)

A. People: (this letter perhaps a little dated)

  • 4-7 regular reporters/trackers of new bug reports (some who have gotten much more irregular over the last 5-6 months) for vulnerabilities:

Michal Jaegermann

John Dalbec

David Eisenstein

Marc Deslauriers

Pavel Kankovsky

Jeff Sheltren

(a few random people here and there)

  • Package/patch proposers/submitters:

Marc Deslauriers

Donald Maner

Jeff Sheltren

Pekka Savola

David Eisenstein

  • 3-4 builders:

Jesse Keating (can sign and push, irregular contributor)

Marc Deslauriers (can sign and push, has been on holiday for a couple months)

David Eisenstein (recently started pushing, working on signing)

Jeff Sheltren (works on plague/mock)

  • 1 retired builder

Dominic Hargreaves

  • 1 regular "publish" QA'er

Pekka Savola

  • a few regular "verify" QA'ers

John Dalbec

Tom Yates

Eric Rostetter

David Eisenstein

Marc Deslarier

Pekka Savola

  • 1 maintainer of the "in queue/to-do" list:

Pekka Savola

  • A few official and unofficial documentors:

Eric Rostetter ( site, wiki)

Jesse Keating (, wiki)

Jeff Sheltren (wiki)

David Eisenstein (wiki)

Rahul Sundaram (wiki)

  • Websites of our own:

  • A download infrastructure + a worldwide mirroring system

  • A plague/mock build-system

  • Some roles defined (some filled, but not all): (see
  • Vulnerability Tracker
  • Vulnerability analyst and patch creator
  • Test RPM packager
  • QA tester
  • Publisher (Release Manager)
  • General Helper
  • Resource contributor
  • Webmaster
  • Press Contact/public relations
  • Documentation Writer/Technical Writer

A. Packages:

4 awaiting release

3 awaiting build to updates-testing

1 awaiting verify votes

0 awaiting publish votes

2 awaiting discussion

25 needing work

37 deferred (generally non-security fixes requested, possibly due to regression bugs in previous security fixes)

36 other (have not been given status, but mostly security bugs)


108 Pending Bugs

We need

A. More builders -- especially in light of ("LWN: An empty legacy") and ensuing discussion .

A. More testers

A. More testers

A. A fresh start, a new name, a lower load (?) -- see .

Where are we going?

This section outlines our migration plan to integrate with the Fedora Infrastructure , where Fedora Extras is located.

A. Plague instance for Legacy

  • This should probably be separate from the Extras plague instance so that we don't disrupt them and they don't distrupt us.
  • Build machines could be the same as extras, just an added instance for Legacy.

A. A CVS tree for Legacy to use. (DONE, by Jesse Keating & Fedora Infrastructure)

  • Used for Packages and Tools
  • Initially a copy of Fedora trees that we can commit to (DONE)
  • Use Fedora Account System legacy group for CVS ACL (DONE -- group 'cvslegacy')

A. A legacy group within the Fedora Account System

  • Used for CVS ACLs (DONE -- group 'cvslegacy')
  • Used for bugzilla rights (Done yet?) (Any particular set of rights?)

A. Publishing Software

  • A directory to publish to on to use the existing mirroring infrastructure (NOT DONE YET)
  • Start sending announcements to Fedora Package Announce List (NOT DONE YET any ETA?)
  • A copy of the Fedora Update Tool used within Red Hat to manage package updates (This -- hanging on the availability of a particular Red Hat Engineer to do it for us?)
  • A package signing script to gpg sign packages prior to pushing (NOT DONE YET)

A. Web presense within Fedora's Plone

  • Migrate content to Plone for static content
  • Plone is held up due to python versioning on which means plone won't become active until RHEL 5 is out, probably in January 2007 or later.

Migration Progress

The Fedora Board has approved our plan to integrate. They have asked us to make it happen. Initial integration will focus only on supporting FC3 and above. Our target integration date was just prior to Fedora Core 6 Test 2 (See schedule ). Continued support of RHL7.3 and RHL9 is continuing until the end of 2006, though no new security issues are supposed to be entered after October 1st, 2006. FC1/2 support was dropped at FC6T2 (mid-August). If they are going to continue to be supported, they will have to be supported in the exisiting Legacy infrastructure.