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Packages with debuginfo problems

Tracking bug:

Not known fixed or have bug reported, as of 2009-09-02:

Maintainer   Package                     Co-maintainers
amdunn       why                         (none)
athimm       mediawiki                   (none)
caolanm      sac                         (none)
cweyl        perl-DBI-Dumper             perl-sig
dbhole       antlr                       (none)
dbhole       jakarta-commons-logging     overholt,kasal
dbhole       sinjdoc                     (none)
dcbw         csound                      pfj
devrim       regexp                      (none)
dwalluck     hamcrest                    (none)
dwheeler     zenon                       pertusus
fnasser      gnu-getopt                  (none)
gemi         curry                       (none)
gemi         GtkAda                      (none)
gemi         wings                       (none)
guthrie      simplyhtml                  (none)
ifoox        mysql-connector-java        (none)
ixs          hevea                       (none)
jussilehtola rpmdepsize
jwrdegoede   elice                       (none)
jwrdegoede   lostlabyrinth               (none)
mbooth       brazil                      (none)
mwringe      xerces-j2                   (none)
overholt     jython                      jmatthews
pcheung      avalon-logkit               (none)
pcheung      concurrent                  (none)
pcheung      jakarta-commons-httpclient  akurtakov
pfj          mono-debugger               (none)