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Aurélien Bompard
Aurélien Bompard
Aurélien Bompard
Aurélien Bompard
Personal Information
Born: November 15 in
Home: Paris, France
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: abompard
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: (a) aurelien (a)
IRC: abompard on Libera.Chat, in:
#fedora-admin #fedora-apps
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Aurélien Bompard

Email: aurelien (a)



Location: Nantes, France (UTC+1, +2 during summer)

Profession: Developer (Python & TypeScript)

Company: Red Hat, in the CPE team

Homepage: (in French)

Participation in the Fedora Project

I've been involved with Fedora since the / Red Hat Linux 9 days, second half of 2003. The time I could dedicate to the project has varied a lot over the years, as did the number of packages I maintain.

I've also represented Fedora at various shows in France, mostly Solutions Linux in Paris.

I've been hired by Red Hat to work on Fedora full time since August 2012, and I've worked on Hyperkitty. I now work on various initiatives that the CPE team undertakes. This has included Fedora Messaging, Noggin/FASJSON, Bodhi, Datanommer/Datagrepper, FMN, and others.

I've started streaming web development on the Fedora Infrastructure applications: I hope I'll manage to do it regularly.


Friends say I'm a nice guy. Others say, well, differently, but they are vastly outnumbered :-)