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Fedora Core 5 - Common Bugs and Known Issues

This page documents common bugs in Fedora Core 5 and, if available, fixes or workarounds for these problems. If you find your problem in this page, do not file a bug for it. Where appropriate, a reference to the current bug(s) in Bugzilla is included.

*** NOTE: Fedora Core 5 is an end-of-lifed release, as of Friday June 29th, 2007. This page is kept for historical reasons only. ***

Release Summary, Announcement and Notes

List of FC5 Bugs and RFE's

See Bug Status for more information.

Installer and Package Management

  • Package selection screen has been revamped and does not feature the minimal and full installation options. You can right click on the group in Anaconda and Pirut or use yum to install the optional components included in it. More details in Bug #186007.
  • Bug #186059 ide drive not recognized (dmraid problem)
  • Bug #178143 won't boot on Emachines T5026 Workaround: boot: vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img
  • Bug FC5Turkish FC5 Installation as well as Pirut crashes when adding the Turkish language packages.
  • Bug #188750 - Pirut does not support installing packages from media out of the box. This is a planned feature. Look at for a way to do this currently.
  • Bug #186512 mediacheck fails on some hardware.
  • Bug #186202 kernel-devel and other packages missing in x86 CD ISO images but are present in DVD image.
  • Note from LuyaTshimbalanga: some Fedora Core users who use dual-boot encountered strange issue with GRUB. After installing Fedora Core Release 5, GRUB won't load menu and will go to prompt mode. If it happens, boot FC5 disc 1 or Rescue Disc, make sure to enter "chroot /mnt/sysimage" in command line then do "grub-install /dev/hda --recheck" to fix the problem. Original issue from

Graphical Desktop

GNOME Desktop

  • Bug #183191 - gnome-mount failure produces erratic dialog boxes

STATUS: This bug has been filed upstream and will be fixed with an update when available.

  • Bug #186836 nautilus changing position of home directory icon on desktop.
  • Bug #186685 New login screen option is hidden by default in the menus due to console permission issues. Same problem for fast user switching in Bug #186910 and screensaver option in Bug #186685
  • GNOME includes a menu editor now though it's not a menu item by itself. Just right click on the menu bar in the panel for a option to edit it.

KDE Desktop

Common Applications

  • Bug #186414 Udev hang on boot
  • Bug #186538 Kudzu segfault
  • Bug #186179 Beagle is turned off by default since the dæmon has a memory leak (which has been fixed in an update).
  • Pilot sync issues. Bug #186779, Bug #186548, Bug #186936
  • Many applications such as gconf-editor are not installed by default anymore. Just use yum to install them.

System and Preference Configuration Tools

System Components

  • Due to a POSIX change, some scripts that use deprecated syntax won't work anymore; check the link below for more details.
  • Fixed disks are not mounted by default in GNOME anymore.
  • There are several other such issues and highlights available at Docs/Beats/PackageNotes.

Power Management

  • Bug #183709 - Removing ThinkPad power cable causes suspend to RAM

STATUS: None yet.


  • Bug #181839, Bug #183609, Bug #183829, Bug #186073... - Removing NetworkManager/Evolution/Beagle requires removing other packages

It is not clear this is a "bug." It is a dependency chain, and users do not have to use any of the implicated packages. To stop using NetworkManager:

for i in NetworkManagerDispatcher NetworkManager dhcdbd ; do
service $i stop ; chkconfig $i off
  • To stop using Beagle, from the main menu, select System -> Preferences -> Search & Indexing, and deselect Start search & indexing services automatically.