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Fedora Classroom - Introduction to Bugzilla - Jon Stanley - Saturday, November 8, 2008

IRC Log of the Class

-!- nirik changed the topic of #fedora-classroom to: Fedora Classroom - An Introduction to Bugzilla with your teacher: jds2001 - See Communicate/IRC/Classroom for more info 21:00
domg472_ bye and thanks 21:00
linuxguru thanks herlo 21:00
jds2001 hey guys :) 21:00
linuxguru hi jds2001 ;) 21:00
fengshaun jds2001, hiii 21:00
Ineluctable hello 21:01
jds2001 so I don't have any slides or anything fancy like that. 21:01
fengshaun I need this classroom actually! 21:01
fengshaun jds2001, don't worry! 21:01
jds2001 I figured I'd let this be the format that I like, real loose. :) 21:01
SSlater thanks herlo 21:01
jds2001 so what do people want to know? There's so much, I just couldn't distill it all into an hour on IRC if I wanted to. 21:02
jds2001 When I'm giving bugzilla presentations *in person* it's hard to keep it to an hour :) 21:02
fengshaun jds2001, how can we find known bugs? 21:02
Ineluctable yes 21:02
jds2001 excellent question. 21:02
jds2001 the bugzilla search form looks really intimidating, but it's not. 21:03
jds2001 99% of it can be ignored. 21:03
jds2001 so the first thing is components in bugzilla. 21:03
jds2001 there is a component for each SOURCE RPM in the distribution. 21:03
VileGent jon wake us through looking for existing bugs and maybe even how to file bugs 21:03
fengshaun sorry, can you give us the link to bugzilla so we have it hands on? 21:03
ivazquez I have the next question. 21:04
* VileGent points AlL to 21:04
jds2001 Source RPM's can have subpackages that seemingly have nothing to do with the package at hand 21:04
jds2001 thx VileGent :) 21:04
jds2001 so to find what SRPM maps to the binary RPM you have, you can use rpm -qi <rpm name> 21:05
jds2001 in the right column, there's a field that says "Soruce RPM" 21:05
jds2001 the name of that is the component that you want to look for. 21:05
jds2001 err, minor network issues :P 21:06
jds2001 so when you've found the name of the component, select it in the component list, and select 21:07
Fedora in the product list.
@nirik so for example, 'rpm -qi firefox' will have 'Source RPM: firefox-3.0.2-1.fc10.src.rpm' in the output 21:07
fengshaun nirik, yes 21:07
jds2001 There's no need to select anything from the classification, that just narrows down the selection and is an 21:08
expensive client-side javascript nonsense.
jds2001 sometimes i don't even select Fedora as the product, but beware that you'll get Fedora and RHEL bugs for 21:09
the component (if applicable)
jds2001 then the top box on the search page searches the summary of a bug for something 21:09
jds2001 any questions so far? 21:10
fengshaun nope 21:10
* vwbusguy- joins late 21:10
jds2001 ivazquez: you had a question? 21:10
Abd4llA What's the convention for submitting a bug report ? 21:10
ivazquez I do, actually. 21:11
jds2001 Abd4llA: we're actually going to submit one :) 21:11
fengshaun jds2001, also, what should we put as the "component"? 21:11
jds2001 against the SELinux policy of all things :) 21:11
fengshaun jds2001, lol 21:11
herlo :) 21:11
* jds2001 has been too lazy to submit this one, but it's perfect and clear-cut. 21:11
Abd4llA jds2001 loll 21:11
erinlea80 :) 21:12
ivazquez Why should the average person care about Bugzilla? Filling out bug reports takes time and energy, and no 21:12
one seems to look at the bug reports anyways.
fengshaun ivazquez, they do look at them :S 21:12
jds2001 ivazquez: we're trying to change the "no one looks at them" (and they do), and it helps to make Fedora better. 21:12
fengshaun ivazquez, and it's a way of care for the community! 21:12
jds2001 I've had a few bugs that haven't gotten looked at. 21:13
erinlea80 In summary, this is something an average user can do to help the community without expansive knowlege? 21:13
jds2001 And I've have bugs which were open and closed in 30 minutes 21:13
jds2001 erinlea80: yes 21:13
fengshaun jds2001, so, which one of the fields are the most important ones? 21:14
fengshaun in the advanced search? 21:14
jds2001 the product, component, and summary (and maybe the comment search) 21:14
fengshaun jds2001, so we put the name of the application for component? 21:15
jds2001 yes, the name of the SRPM (which is most often the name of the application) 21:15
fengshaun so for example, vim-X11, the component name would be vim only! 21:16
brunowolff For a lot of components there aren't that many bugs and just using that is good enough. 21:16
fengshaun that's what the source rpm gives me 21:16
jds2001 fengshaun: right! :) 21:16
fengshaun got it! 21:16
jds2001 there's also another interface that I use 21:17
jds2001<component> 21:17
fengshaun oh 21:17
jds2001 will give you a listing of all bugs open against that component. 21:17
thomasj interesting.. 21:17
fengshaun wow, nice! 21:17
kdn neat! 21:17
jds2001 for the technically interested that's just pkgdb pulling them via xmlrpc from bugzilla :) 21:18
EvilBob ok now it's cool 21:18
thomasj :D 21:19
jds2001 there's also a link to directly enter a bug against that component from that page :) 21:19
fengshaun "report"? 21:20
jds2001 yeah 21:20
thomasj now it's really cool 21:20
fengshaun jds2001, so how do we file a bug with the least amount of time consumed? 21:21
jds2001 abadger1999: you're getting mega-props in here :) 21:21
Abd4llA so, can't wait to open that SELinux bug :) 21:21
abadger1999 heh :-) 21:21
fengshaun hahaha 21:21
abadger1999 wwoods should get most of the props --pkgdb just makes use of python-bugzilla. 21:21
* thomasj just tested it.. awesome 21:22
jds2001 fengshaun: i would use the pkgdb interface. 21:22
fengshaun jds2001, how? 21:22
jds2001 fengshaun: that makes a number of selections for you. 21:23
jds2001 the "report" link on that bugz.fp.o page 21:23
fengshaun oh 21:23
fengshaun that is the pkgdb interface! 21:23
fengshaun got it now! 21:23
fengshaun so let's start opening some bugs :D 21:24
jds2001 alrigthy :) 21:24
jds2001 there's also another tool if you're more the commandline, in the python-bugzilla that 21:25
abadger1999 just mentioned, there's a CLI client
fengshaun jds2001, to find bugs? 21:25
fengshaun how do we use that? 21:25
jds2001 I use it for searching sometimes 21:25
jds2001 yep 21:25
jds2001 yum install python-bugzilla 21:26
Abd4llA herlo should watch this SELinux bug 21:26
herlo Abd4llA: hehe, yeah 21:26
fengshaun jds2001, already installed. 21:26
* ivazquez would like to point out to any GNOME users that Deskbar Applet in Fedora has a handler to open Fedora bugs 21:26
given the bug number
jds2001 fengshaun: cool, there's a command called bugzilla 21:27
fengshaun ok! 21:27
zless interesting. i'll have to check that cli search out. waiting ~30+ seconds for the javascript bz search to renarrow 21:27
when you go Back, to search again, is... aggravating
fengshaun yea 21:27
jds2001 and if you do like bugzilla query --help, it'll give you what you can query on 21:27
fengshaun bugzilla command is much nicer 21:27
fengshaun so 21:29
fengshaun let's file something :) 21:29
jds2001 alrighty :) 21:29
fengshaun "Enter a new bug report" 21:30
jds2001 so I have this Sprint mobile broadband card that doesn't work with SELinux enabled. 21:30
jds2001 if I turn SELinux off it works fine 21:30
fengshaun LOL 21:30
fengshaun ok 21:30
jds2001 and it's really cool, since NM automatically detects it, and then....FAIL 21:31
domg472_ no need to turn it off , details? join #fedora-selinux 21:32
jds2001 so anyhow, we're going to file this against selinux-policy, not NetworkManager. There's nothing that 21:32
Dan Williams (NM maintainer) can do about this, it's in the policy
@nirik domg472_: very true, but if the default policy can be fixed, it will work for everyone. 21:32
jds2001 the problem is that networkmanager can't execute pppd (which is required to establish the connection) 21:33
brunowolff But if you aren't sure (that its policy not the app) then you can file against the app and cc 21:33
jds2001 so what we need is the full AVC message. 21:34
jds2001 we can get that via ausearch -m svc -sv no 21:34
jds2001 err, -m avc 21:34
jds2001 there are lots of other search options with ausearch 21:35
jds2001 including timeframes, etc. 21:35
jds2001 so doing that, I get this: 21:36
jds2001 time->Sat Oct 18 17:23:54 2008 21:36
jds2001 type=SYSCALL msg=audit(1224365034.450:19): arch=c000003e syscall=59 success=no exit=-13 a0=1c5c200 a1=1c56730 a2=7fff61953660 21:36
a3=0 items=0 ppid=2346 pid=3701 auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 euid=0 suid=0 fsuid=0 egid=0 sgid=0 fsgid=0 tty=(none) ses=4294967295
comm="NetworkManager" exe="/usr/sbin/NetworkManager" subj=system_u:system_r:NetworkManager_t:s0 key=(null)
jds2001 type=AVC msg=audit(1224365034.450:19): avc: denied { execute } for pid=3701 comm="NetworkManager" name="pppd" 21:36
dev=dm-1 ino=1763556 scontext=system_u:system_r:NetworkManager_t:s0 tcontext=system_u:object_r:pppd_exec_t:s0 tclass=file
jds2001 so that's going to be critical information in hte bug report 21:36
jds2001 we can go further and actually include a policy module to fix it, by using audit2allow 21:37
Abd4llA jds2001, herlo didn't mention anything about that :) 21:37
EvilBob way to show up the other teachers jds2001 21:38
jds2001 lol 21:38
domg472_ so a quick fix could be: semanage permissive -a NetWorkManager_t 21:38
domg472_ untill it gets fixed upstream 21:38
jds2001 so now I've done that, I can enter the bug report 21:39
jds2001 so now we wait for insane javascript (yes, I hate it to sometimes) 21:40
@nirik jds2001: for everyone, what link are you following here? 21:41
jds2001 s 21:41
Abd4llA jds2001 maybe u should use chrome :) 21:41
brunowolff How long is the cookie good for when using bugzilla from the command line? 21:41
* nirik notes everyone can follow along and then cancel at the last minute before filing to see what things look like. 21:42
jds2001 then i just realized (that i never did before) that there's a ton of fields here that are meaningless 21:42
(I'd just ignored them, really)
jds2001 severity and priority don't mean anything, don't use them :) 21:42
* kdn thanks nirik 21:43
* fengshaun thanks nirik too 21:43
jds2001 no need to put anything in any of the assigned to/etc boxes, they'll be defaulted for the component. 21:43
@nirik just as an aside as a consumer of bug reports, I find it nice to put the package name in the Summary, 21:45
like "selinux-policy: NetworkManager denied execute for pppd"
@nirik component, version, summary and description are the only ones you really need to fill in. 21:46
fengshaun nirik, hmm thanks! 21:46
jds2001 so the only fields that I've filled in here are component, version (I'm running F9 on this box) and summary 21:47
jds2001 and nirik beat me to it :) 21:47
jds2001 well description too :) 21:47
jds2001 so now I'm going to submit that bug! 21:48
jds2001 and we have 21:48
fengshaun jds2001, hmmm easier than I thought! 21:49
* nirik wishes they were as easy to fix as they are to file. ;) 21:50
thomasj hehe 21:50
fengshaun nirik, I agree! :) 21:50
jds2001 nirik maintains pretty much the entire Xfce stack in Fedora, so that's likely why he prefers the package name. 21:51
jds2001 though what nirik probably doesn't know is that at the bottom of search results, there's an option to change columns :) 21:51
@nirik it's just easier in emails bugzilla sends. You don't have to load the page to see what it was talking about... but thats just an aside. 21:52
fengshaun Oh My God!!! :O 21:52
* jds2001 is one of his loyal converts on one of his machines, but not the one i'm using now 21:53
jds2001 it's GNOME :P 21:53
domg472 jds2001 21:53
* nirik sees about 8 min left. Perhaps time for some Q&A? 21:54
fengshaun convert to what? 21:54
domg472 one important note is t first check to see if a bug for his already exists 21:54
jds2001 fengshaun: Xfce, the desktop environment. 21:54
fengshaun jds2001, oh 21:54
thomasj domg472, good point 21:54
domg472 thers like 3 of them already 21:54
jds2001 doh! 21:54
jds2001 i *did* search, but not as thourghly as I may have otherwise (not in a time crunch) 21:55
domg472 21:55
jds2001 indeed 21:56
jds2001 i suck. 21:56
domg472 naw just mentioning 21:56
zless and in that case, leave a me too comment on the existing bug, to give it more value, and have updates CC'd to you 21:56
domg472 so that others know to 21:56
kdn Not at all, jds2001. 21:56
kdn You demo'ed the question I was about to ask, perfectly :) 21:57
* fengshaun thanks jds2001 for this classroom. He thinks it was a brilliant and helpful class! 21:57
jds2001 so what I'm going to do now is close-dup mine. 21:57
zless and speaking up dupe bugs, i think the "better" bugs should be kept (even if newer), and the others closed 21:57
* kdn standing-o 21:57
zless s/up/of/ 21:57
domg472 thanks 21:57
jds2001 i thought that i had pretty much updated this box, but i guess not for awhile :) 21:58
jds2001 451M of updates, one of which will fix this :) 21:58
* kdn thanks jds2001 for the presentation! 21:58
Ineluctable thank you 21:58
* fengshaun enjoyed the class, and applauds 21:59
@nirik thanks jds2001 ! 21:59
thomasj jds2001, thanks for this class, very good job 21:59
erinlea80 thanks jds2001! :) 21:59
jds2001 np! 21:59
Bugz Thanks jds2001 21:59
herlo thanks jds2001 21:59
* nirik notes that next up is Paul W. Frields ( stickster ) - Beginner's guide to getting involved 21:59
jds2001 and there was really no damage doen filing that bug, what I did is at the top, selecting 'mark as duplicate' 21:59
and entered the bug that it was a duplicate of.
fengshaun oh yes, I really really need that! 22:00
mattia Thanks jds2001 23:00

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