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Activities within Fedora


  • Name: Adam J. Humphreys
  • Email: [[MailTo(itprocanada at]
  • Fedora Account: Adam J. Humphreys
  • IRC Username: CB6
  • Location: [1] , [2] , Canada
  • Languages: Advanced English, Beginners French, Beginners Japanese, Beginners Spanish


  • Worked in Microsoft TS, and consulted in SMB (EB) for numerous companies across North America.
  • Worked in web design, and development for a number of years.
  • Recent Fedora Linux user, recognizing the significance of a stable/secure OS that the industry is leaning towards heavily for very good reasons. An OS should improve software not cripple the industry as we've seen.

Educational Focuses

  • Presently studying for MCSE, RHCE, and CCNA. Goal is to become a business analyst in the IT Field with strong development skills, networking and general computer comprehension. I wish to get my CISSP with in the next 1.5 years, and CCIE in the next two. I have always wanted to run a successful corporation while contributing to society by helping other people. Eventually I'd like to hold the PMP (Project Management Professional) accreditation.
  • I hope to obtain the understanding necessary to develop/refine two of my patent ideas to help the Freedom of Information worldwide.

Plans with Fedora

  • Help users to learn, and appreciate Fedora Linux
  • Work with other Fedora Ambassadors Canada and World Wide
  • Work with local Fedora Ambassadors to contribute to the local Montreal Community.
  • Distribution of Fedora
  • To promote Fedora community and Open Source projects.
  • Improve user friendliness of Fedora web sites by setting a standard in organization.
  • Set documents all directed in wiki style layout citing references so that everything is in layman's terms.
  • Introduce AJAX suggestive key word search similar to Facebook
  • Develop a secure API from websites to interface with Fedora IRC support/class teams to give accurate information 24/7
  • Would like to see an OS develop into something that can be appreciated freely by everyone.