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Christopher Stone

Contact Information for Christopher Stone:
  • Fedora package mantainer and sponser.
  • Member of the Fedora Games, PHP, and KDE SIGs.
  • Initiated the work with the rpmdevtools package to support PEAR packages by creating a default spec file template for php-pear packages.

Upstream Projects I Work On

  • pokersource - Development libraries in C and python for poker simulation
  • Cal3D - Skeletal based 3d character animation library

Packages I Maintain

Fedora Package Database

PHP Packages

  • php-Smarty - Template/Presentation Framework for PHP

PEAR Packages

PECL Packages

Perl Packages

Poker Packages

  • cal3d - Skeletal based 3D character animation library
  • osgal - Adapts OpenSceneGraph to use OpenAL++
  • osgcal - Adapts OpenSceneGraph to use Cal3D
  • poker-engine - Python library that implements poker rules
  • poker-eval - Poker hand evaluator library
  • poker-network - A poker server, client and abstract user interface library
  • poker2d - GTK poker client to play on a poker-network server
  • poker3d - Three dimensional multi-user online poker game
  • poker3d-data - Data files for the poker3d package
  • pygame - Python modules for writing games
  • pypoker-eval - Python interface to poker-eval
  • python-fpconst - Python module for handling IEEE 754 floating point special values
  • SOAPpy - Full-featured SOAP library for Python
  • xwnc - Mix of Xvnc and XDarwin with improved protocol

Other Packages

  • cksfv - Utility to manipulate SFV files
  • spambayes - Bayesian anti-spam filter

Packages I Am Currently Working On

Software I Plan On Packaging

Packages I Have Orphaned (Feel free to pick these up!)

  • nucleo - Toolkit for exploring new uses of video
  • metisse - Experimental 3-D X desktop

Packages No Longer Supported

People I've Sponsored


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