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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul, Harish Pillay, Paul Frields

Last week


  • orientation.
  • Ambassadors meeting for North/South America.
  • reworking events page.
  • general linuxtag stuff.
  • Google meeting with Brian Faustyn.
  • fedora IT budget meeting.
  • Brian Stevens chat.
  • red hat summit/fudcon planning.
  • budget meeting with Jeff Mackanic.
  • follow up on NASA and University Tour press plans.
  • FUDCon planning meeting.
  • began work on a status report that can be updated monthly for mchen and Fedora Board.


  • Ambassadors meeting for North/South America.
  • Google summary/postmortem to fedora board.
  • Brian Stevens chat.
  • presentation at Liberty University, wants to rebuild CS curriculum around Open Source.
  • began looking into Fedora TV on, with much success on creating rss feeds.


  • University tour.

Budget (Max)

  • Greg's expenses for him and Dennis to Brazil, and Liberty University.

Liberty University

  • Greg met with head of Computer Science department at Liberty University.
  • Looking to completely rebuild their CS curriculum around Open Source.
  • Talked with many CS professors, lectured at a CS class about OSS and ethics in computing.
  • Their professor is going to meet with Will Cohen for next steps about how they can incorporate OSS bits into curriculum.

University Tour (Jack, Max)

  • Max needs to get the infrastructure side up.
  • Albany is likely to be dropped, we need to find some new avenues into Stanford.
  • We need a flyer, and advertising.
  • Getting an update from Thinkgeek, hopefully on March 10.


  • Swag continues to be a horrible bottleneck. Jack needs it for University Tour, but production and distribution is a gigantic time sink and pain in the ass.
  • ACTION: Paul Frields will continue to work with Jeffrey Tadlock on Fedora Store stuff.
  • Greg wants an official way of licensing the Fedora mark.
  • ACTION: Paul Frields to chat with legal about easy licensing of the mark.
  • ACTION: Harish will look into something for APAC.

Fedora TV

  • Plumi is getting a lot of buzz internal to RH University.
  • From Fedora TV perspective, the question is still "who is going to do the work?"
  • Fedora TV will quickly run into space/resource issues to keep it running.
  • one possibility is -- one of the minuses is that there is no "we have our own video site".
  • no RPM -- you can't host it yourself.
  • on the plus side, everything they use is open source.
  • advantage #2 is the size of their server farm.
  • they do ogg video, which was the biggest point of going through all of this in the first place.
  • they have RSS feeds, and they work via Venus (which is the fork of Planet).

This week


  • Max will be in Amsterdam Sat March 15 - Sun March 23.
  • help Jack with university tour stuff.
  • contact lawyers, housing folks in Netherlands.
  • swag that must get mailed out.
  • University Tour swag.


  • send a note to Fernando at Stanford.
  • continue down Fedora TV @ path.


  • Will chat with art team about a University Tour flyer.
  • Will update wiki with schools that have dropped.

Next meeting

  • Max won't be at next week's meeting.