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Denis Leroy

I am a retired packager (plus a short stint on the packaging committee). I used to maintain about 50 packages, among which

  • inkscape
  • transmission, a simple yet satisfying bittorrent Gtk client
  • gtkmm and al, the Gnome C++ stack
  • K-3D, an up-and-coming 3D modeling tool. Despite its name it's based on Gnome
  • Glom, a innovative database design tool currently supporting PostgreSQL
  • brasero, the official Gnome CD/DVD burner

My interest generally leans towards C++ projects, especially those that are gtkmm-based.


Email :denis AT SPAMFREE poolshark DOT org

What I do for a living: Eng @ SoundHound


Location: Paris (France) and Liege (Belgium)

Skype: dinerdefilles

Yahoo: denisleroy

IRC: delero on #fedora-devel