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Other Fedora Based Distributions

Alpha Core

Alpha Core is a rebuild of Fedora sources for Alpha CPUs. Alpha Core 3, the current release, is based on Fedora Core 5.

It was announced, on June 20, 2007, that Alpha Core will be transformed into a secondary architecture of Fedora, and will be known as Fedora 8 for Alpha.

Aurora Linux

Aurora SPARC Linux is a rebuild of Fedora core sources for SPARC CPUs. It has full support for extras also. The current release is based on FC3 and work is underway for a FC6 based release.

Everest Linux

Everest Linux is a Chinese community distribution. It features full support for simplified Chinese, excellent hardware detection, a user-friendly desktop, and has a 6-month release cycle.

Linpus Linux

Linpus Linux is one of Chinese commercial distribution derived from Fedora. The Lite version is used on Asus ultra portable laptop.

Mononga Linux

Momonga Linux is a Japanese community distribution loosely derived from Fedora. Why momonga? you may wonder... A momonga (aka Pteromys momonga) is a flying squirrel found both in Europe and Asia. It's an animal known for a self-asserting behaviour, despite its small size. We, at the Momonga Project, like the momonga, may be small and not well-known, but we do express ourselves without fear or favour, so hopefully a new user can feel our enthusiasm and belief from the Momonga Linux. Also, an installer for Momonga Linux is also called momonga. Taking over its name, it does the job quickly and efficiently, just like a momonga.

Pepper Linux

Pepper Linux is a Fedora 7 based distribution used for Web devices. Version 3.1, which is based on Fedora Core 6, has been used to run on OLPC XO during the 2007 Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Planet CCRMA

Planet CCRMA (CCRMA is pronounced karma) at Home is a collection of rpms (RPM stands for RedHat Package Manager) that you can add to a computer running RedHat 9 or Fedora Core 1, 2 or 3 to transform it into an audio workstation with a low-latency kernel, current ALSA audio drivers and a nice set of music, midi, audio and video applications.It replicates most of the Linux environment we have been using for years here at CCRMA for our daily work in audio and computer music production and research.

Sharif Linux (لینوکس شریف)

Sharif Linux® (لینوکس شریف) is a bilingual English/Persian operating system. It is based on GNU/Linux and is customized for the computing requirements of Iran and the Persian language, specially for enterprise-level and educational uses.