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Freemedia GoLive

This page is for feedback/comments to the new freemedia handling process.

Proposed GoLive date

I want get this operational for February Freemedia request.

So the proposed GoLive date is Feb 01, 2009.

Location of tools



Comments/Suggestions (feel free to add yours)

  1. Adding XFCE/unity spins.
  2. Tickets, therefore details can be viewed "View Tickets" without login. Data protection issues.
  3. Country box at [A] instead of dropdown list. Not feasible.
  4. Address field at [A] broken into several fields.
  5. Any need to continue mailing requests to the fedora-freemedia list?
  6. The "Source code" link at the bottom does not work. (Can we point to download link?)
  7. When and how does the form gets closed?
  8. Mandatory field checking.
  9. Is the address format according to UPUA? Yes