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Checking Configuration Files

The /usr/local/sbin directory contains two useful tools: named-checkconf and named-checkzone. These tools are to check whether your configuration files are valid.

Checking /etc/named.conf

Run the named-checkconf command to check whether your named.conf file is valid. If no results are returned, the configuration should be correct:

/usr/local/sbin/named-checkconf /etc/named.conf

Replace /etc/named.conf with the location of your named.conf file.

Checking Zone Database Files

The following is an example of checking the zone database file using the named-checkzone command:

/usr/local/sbin/named-checkzone /etc/bind/

The first argument is the zone name as it appears in named.conf, in this case The last argument is the location of the zone database file for, in this case /etc/bind/ The output of the named-checkzone command should be similar to the following:

zone loaded serial 2007031008

The serial number, 2007031008, will be different in each case.

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