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Wiki2XML for the Release Notes

This document tracks the process of taking Docs/Beats and converting it to the release notes. At some point it hands off to the wiki2xml usage notes.

Overview on Conversion Process

DocsProject/ReleaseNotes/Process,, from="^

Details of Readiness Process

1. When reviewing content, use the Get Info tool to see when the content was last touched. Was it for the previous release?

  • If yes, is the content worth keeping as-is?
  • If yes, make a note in the BeatStatus page to leave the XML untouched from last release
  • If no but change, make changes in Beat and make note in BeatStatus to check the diff and commute changes to CVS
  • If no and worthless content, remove (delete or comment out)
  • If changed since previous release, edit content following the usual practices, then make a note in BeatStatus that there are changes for the XML

1. When reading content before conversion, edit using the following guidelines:

1. Don't forget to spell check, although it might be easier using a text editor on the XML 1. For any changes you make, note on the BeatStatus page there are changes to commute to CVS and leave a timestamp with the time in UTC 1. If a page has a FIXME or similar note from the content maintainer, make a note in the BeatStatus that you have checked the page but are waiting for final changes

  • You can update that page in anyway you wish, but be aware it may all change when the FIXME is addressed

1. Keep track of all pages that have no content changed since the last release. They need to be dealt with in one of two ways: 1. Not included in the XML build, so they do not appear in the release notes as empty 1. Listed in a nagmail that is sent to one or more public locations to encourage developers to get their content changes in or be removed from the notes 1. Check bugzilla for fedora_requires_release_notes or any other relnotes blockers/trackers:

Details of Conversion to XML Process

1. Configure your ~/.bashrc for use with the Fedora CVS repository:

{ export }

2. Checkout the latest release notes:

{ cvs co release-notes-devel }

3. Change into the release-notes-devel/release-notes/xmlbeats directory.

4. Run the mkdir Beats command to create a directory to hold the beats.

5. Run the ./beatconvert --verbose -i beatlist -d Beats command to copy the beats into the Beats/ directory.

6. To convert the beats to XML, run the ./xmlfix Beats command.