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Wiki Gardening

A wiki is a community documentation space. The Fedora Documentation Project is the set of Master Gardeners with the role of helping to train all the other gardeners.

This effort is ongoing, starting with work done at the 2008 FUDCon in Raleigh .

Post-Migration Gardening Checklist for Individual Gardeners

These are tasks for all users and gardeners to do after the migration.

  1. Move your old UserName page to the new User:accountname format
  2. Make sure to check Watch on pages you edit
  3. The my preferences page has an "E-mail" section that allows you to watch changes to your watched pages via email

Everything Below This Point is Subject to Change During Wiki Migration Week


New Organizational Schema

There are two major types of pages -- a content-focused page (Content_Area) and a project-focused page (Project_Name). Example namespaces are:

Within this single namespace, one or more of these are focuses (highest nesting):

  • Understand -- What is it? Why should I care about it? Understand what this project or content is about.
  • Use -- What and how do I use it? Do stuff with the project or content.
  • Publication -- Different types of publications about using
  • Version -- Publications are versioned by the Fedora version
  • Draft -- A new version stays in draft until after the corresponding Fedora version is released
  • Get_Involved -- How do I join?
  • Refer_also_to -- References
/* Publication types */
Types_of_involvement/   /* eg code, test cases, ... */

Survey of the Garden

Current Uses of the Fedora Project Wiki

Topic Description
Release Notes Preparation of draft version of published Release Notes
Application Features Developers
Collaborative editing Draft versions of Fedora docs
Fedora Tour (Slideshow) Marketing
Fedora Weekly News Marketing
Meeting agendas Project Management
Meeting minutes Project Management
Fedora event reports Ambassadors
Ambassador membership verification list Ambassadors
Personal wiki page Contributors

Fedora Project wiki attributes


  • Low barrier to entry for learning and producing web pages.
  • Simple wiki markup language vs.slightly more complex HTML.
  • Version tracking with reversion capabilities.
  • Ability to embed native HTML code.
  • Logging of recent changes.
  • Programmatic extensions through Python.
  • Customization of page appearance via CSS.
  • User authentication by group membership.
  • Access control.
  • Page tracking with email notification.
  • Quick creation of formatted web pages.
  • Page categorization by tags.


  • Long response time while editing.
  • Notification by email of updates very resource-intensive.
  • Limited scalability.
  • Difficult to generate DocBook XML from Wiki markup language.
  • Difficult to produce well-formatted PDF files.
  • Requires regular and manually-intensive maintenance to keep docs current and accurate.

Grafting and Pruning

Graft on to

  • Legal/*
  • ForbiddenItems
  • ProjectName/FooProcess ?
  • .*Meetings.* ?
  • .*Minutes.* ?
  • Communicate
  • Contact
  • ProjectName.*

Graft on to

  • Nothing?
  • Docs/ perhaps

Other FUDCon output (2007-01-11)

Docs Services Matrix

These represent what Docs provides now and can provide in the future.

Current Situation with Docs

Here is another diagram showing the same thing.

Topic End Users Contributors
Formal (./)

Near-term Docs

Topic End Users Contributors
Formal (./) (./)

Long-term Docs

Topic End Users Contributors
Formal (./) (./)
Informal (./)

Incorrect Approach for Docs

Here is another diagram showing the same thing.

Topic End Users Contributors
Formal (./) (./)
Informal (./) (./)

Organizing the Wiki

  • Evangelizing changes

wiki/ Docs/ (formal wiki-based content)

Content_Area|Project_Name/ Understand Use/ How_to_use/ Usage_FAQ/ Communicating_with_other_users/ Get_Involved/ How_to_get_involved/ Types_of_involvement/ # eg code, test cases, ... Contrib_FAQ/ Communicating_with_other_contributors/ Refer_also_to/


(Optional ideas of what can be on this page)

  • Screenshots
  • What the project, tool, etc. is
  • Why it is
  • Significance within Fedora

Enabling Wiki Management

  • Processes for projects to follow
  • page ownership
  • architecture/organization
  • Namespace guidelines
  • Page "versioning"? (0.x = under development, 1.x ready?, something like the Docs versions?. Could help translators keep their copies in sync)
  • Change over some projects
  • SELinux
  • Evangelizing changes
  • Announce
  • Point at fixes done already, process docs
  • Mentors for projects and new contributors
  • email fedora-docs-list or fedora-websites-list
  • Developer Guide links
  • assistance in getting CLA done
  • writing assignments (with mutual agreement)

Other notes

Jargon Buster What do we do for absolute newbies? (for whom GNOME, KDE, and Xfce are totally meaningless terms)

Page Stewards

Guidelines for Watching a Wiki Page