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Docs Project Hackfest FUDConBoston2007

(Getting notes together for the work we'll do during the FUDCon weekend hackfest.)

Focus on two four-hour sessions with one or two two-hour sessions. This lets Docs participants head to other, interesting hackfests to help out.

Discussion #fedora-fudcon and #fedora-docs Whiteboard DocsProject/FUDConBoston2007/Hackfest/Whiteboard

Things to Do

  • Update the Documentation Guide
  • Publish Desktop User Guide to Docs/
  • Improve tools
  • Process update (into Wiki)
  • Styling discussions and work to fix FDP and Websites team roles in future
  • Prototype Plone-based front page and several layers to dive into?
  • ...
  • Profit!


0900 Make sure we're coordinate with other 'fests.
0930 Begin hacking on the Documentation Guide
1030 Meet with MairinDuffy re: stylin'
1200 Lunch
1500 Break for other afternoon sessions
1730 Return until closing time ...
2000 Booted from building


0930 Begin hacking on the toolchain needs
1200 Lunch
1300 (Optional something else?)
1400 Booted from building


We'll be hosting a session on the FUDCon day itself (Friday), as planned at the last minute on session page .