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Beat Closed on Wiki
Work on beats has now moved to git. If you have changes or additions, please contact the docs team via #fedora-docs, docs@lists.fp.o, or with the fedora-release-notes BZ component.


General Configuration

System locale and keyboard layout settings are configured using the localectl utility. Read man localectl for instructions on adjusting the system locale.

Input Methods

  • ibus
    • ibus panel icon now shows the prefix of language names instead of layout names in non-GNOME desktop.
    • Users' ibus input method engines always run when they log into GNOME desktop so that they switch the engines quickly without waiting for the engine launching time.
    • ibus input method engines now are hidden on the lock screen in GNOME desktop.
    • ibus implements a special panel icon for KDE5 since KDE5 no longer enable GtkStatusIcon by default.
ibus panel icon for KDE5
ibus checks XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP variable to show GtkStatusIcon or KDE5 icon so if you don't use login managers likes gdm but run startkde directly, you need to set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP by manual.
  • Minglish, a new Marathi language m17n input method is added.


  • New Fonts
    • google-noto-sans-oriya-fonts, google-noto-sans-oriya-ui-fonts


  • gnome-characters - Characters is a simple utility application to find and insert unusual characters.
  • New Locales
    • bh_IN (Bhili language locale for India ), ce_RU (Chechen locale for RUSSIAN FEDERATION), raj_IN (Rajasthani locale for India) and tu_IN (Tulu locale for India)