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Fedora Project

The goal of the Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to build a complete, general-purpose operating system exclusively from free and open source software. The Fedora Project is driven by the individuals that contribute to it. As a tester, developer, documenter, or translator, you can make a difference. Refer to for details. For information on the channels of communication for Fedora users and contributors, refer to

In addition to the website, the following mailing lists are available:

  •, for users of Fedora releases
  •, for testers of Fedora test releases
  •, for developers, developers, developers
  •, for participants of the Documentation Project

To subscribe to any of these lists, send an email with the word "subscribe" in the subject to <listname>-request, where <listname> is one of the above list names. Alternately, you can subscribe to Fedora mailing lists through the Web interface at

The Fedora Project also uses several IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels. IRC is a real-time, text-based form of communication, similar to Instant Messaging. With it, you may have conversations with multiple people in an open channel, or chat with someone privately one-on-one. To talk with other Fedora Project participants via IRC, access the IRC network. Refer to the website at for more information.

Fedora Project participants frequent the #fedora[?] channel, while Fedora Project developers may often be found on the #fedora-devel[?] channel. Some of the larger projects may have their own channels as well. This information may be found on the webpage for the project, and at Communicate.

In order to talk on the #fedora[?] channel, you need to register your nickname, or nick. Instructions are given when you /join the channel.

IRC Channels
The Fedora Project and Red Hat have no control over the Fedora Project IRC channels or their content.